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November 14, 2013


If you happen to be looking for an affordable and unusual gift then today's
post is for you.  All of these gift ideas are unique and some are actually useful.

For less than $9, this Camera Lens Travel Mug is
actually a whimsical, useful and economical gift:
When rushing off to work have you ever said, "Shoot, I forgot my coffee"?!

 Remember Tom Hank's great movie Castaway that featured Wilson,
his volleyball companion?  A fan of the movie would love to receive
their own special Wilson:
 Priced at $21, it would be much cheaper to make your own version.

Quite possibly the most unusual gift idea featured today, Monkey Picked Tea
is exactly what it says - tea leaves hand picked by monkeys.

Apparently well cared for monkeys, famous in their native China, are specially trained to pick rare, wild tea plants growing in inaccessible places, such as cliff faces.  Priced at $24 for a 2 oz. can those must be very discriminating monkeys.

This next gift might actually have some social value -
an Inkblot Personality Test Kit!
For less than $20 you can psycho-analyse friends and family.
(Unfortunately, a therapist is not included.)

Are you looking for a distinctive gift for a
special guy?  Consider Campfire Cologne:
Campfire Cologne
If they can't smell like bacon, most men would
love to emit the flavor of The Great Outdoors.

Rudy, the Tiki Head tissue box cover, is an ideal
gift for anyone who suffers from chronic allergies.

The $16 price tag is nothing to sneeze at.

For the man who has everything, consider a Swedish Survival Bracelet that
contains a parachute chord and a fire starter kit.  You never know when
you're going to need either one.  What a bargain for $11.

A Melamine and BPA free Koziol Kasimir Cheese
Grater will brighten up your kitchen or pet crate.
For less than $14 you have a choice of red, white, green, blue or black.

Blow Monkey Nail Dryer is perfect for
the woman who does her own nails:
By Goods
At $15 it's cute and useful.

Is there a Dr. Who fan on your gift list?
Never Ending Stuff
The TARDIS mug features a detachable lid
and holds a whopping 17 oz. of tea or coffee.

For the couple who has everything - His & Hers Key Holders
They'll never say, "Honey, have you seen my keys?" 

Believe it or not, these 8" long multi-color
Twig Pencils can actually be used to write:

Neighborhood Wild Life will appreciate this mesh Bread Feeder:
The Great Gift Company

Who wouldn't love to receive
Instant Irish Accent mouth spray!
The Great Gift Company

Bestow a Meerkat Adoption Kit on a true exotic animal lover:

The Great Gift Company
Who could resist that face?

Dictionary Safe will keep a book worm's treasures safe and secure:
Bits & Pieces

A gift that's literally out of this world -
an acre of land ON  THE  MOON:
Getting Personal
I guarantee you won't have to worry about
duplicate gift giving with this unusual present.

Were any of today's gift suggestions appealing?  My favorite is the Ink Blot Personality Test - there are members of my family who need a formal diagnosis!


  1. Does the acre of moon land come with road access?

    1. Probably not - just lots of pot holes! But it would be a cute gift for a Realtor, wouldn't it?

  2. Those are ALL fun ideas, Jan. Gotta LOVE Wilson! xo Diana

    1. Castaway is still one of my favorite movies - I can never look at a pair of ice skates without thinking of Tom Hanks! haha When he lost Wilson I cried.

  3. These are great gift ideas! My Marine Son in Law would love the parachute cord bracelet! The his and hers key holders are so funny. What a fun post! xo Karen

    1. The Parachute cord bracelet would be great for my brother, a self-proclaimed survivalist. His idea of a great vacation is to be dropped off in a barren wasteland or undeveloped mountain range and spend a week living off his wits and skills. My wits and skills empower me to dial room service!


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