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June 30, 2015

Hosting stay-over company is lots of fun but many of us lack
the type of house that gives our guests privacy with full
amenities.  The answer to this little problem?

A Backyard Guest House!

LOVE the chandelier.

Tiny houses have become a HUGE industry over the last few years
They've developed into an even more appealing and affordable.
option for anyone who wants a get-away in their own back yard.

No longer relegated to a campsite or RV storage facility, tiny
houses can transform a backyard into a vacation spot just steps
from the hustle and bustle of home.

Guest house kits are available for just
about any size, style or price range. 


Here are before and after photos of a backyard shed
that was converted into a beautiful guest house:
Wow - what a transformation.


A clever homeowner took the design for his pool-side cabana a step further:

Who wouldn't want their own adult-size
playhouse in the backyard?


And, of course, anyone who's ever been on
Pinterest has seen this enchanting tiny cottage:
Be still, my heart.

June 29, 2015

It's amazing that you can still find inexpensive doilies at thrift
shops and flea markets.  They're so versatile and fun to repurpose.


Click here for instructions on how to
make an adorable doily bowl.

Dress up an ordinary t-shirt with doily sleeve caps:

An old window paired with vintage doilies
combine to make beautiful wall art.

Simply hand stitch a doily to a pillow to
completely change its appearance.


Little doilies make precious sachet bags.

Do you like the looks of this doily light fixture?
It's so easy: soak doilies in wallpaper paste; blow up a large balloon
and cover it in the doilies; after they dry, pop the balloon and pull
it through the top.  Insert a light bulb fixture through the opening.

Stitched together, a variety of doilies
makes an interesting table runner:

Instead of letting doilies languish in a drawer, make
them into cute pin cushions and give them as gifts.

If you have a sugar bowl but no matching creamer, consider
using a doily to turn it into a vintage-theme pin cushion.

Isn't this a stunning doily Christmas tree skirt?

 A one-of-a-kind apron was produced by combining doilies and lace.

I love this romantic doily scarf.

The next time you plan a party consider including
a doily banner in the decorations:

Doilies can make truly unique dream catchers.

If you're fortunate to have inherited doilies that were made by
ladies in your family, think about framing and displaying them:

This heirloom doily was professionally framed and included a hand-
written note from the lady who crocheted it.  Beautiful gift idea, isn't it?

You can also find inexpensive used embroidery and cross stitch
hoops at thrift shops.  They make ideal frames for small doilies.
Imagine a small Christmas tree covered in doilies - magical!

I hope today's repurposing ideas inspire you to decorate or 'gift'
with vintage doilies.  Not many ladies are making them anymore
and they're sure to become even more collectible in the future.