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December 31, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, it's time for:

The Year's 12 Worst Decorating
Ideas and Design Concepts

No. 12
The first step is a killer.  (Guess that's
why the little chair is there.)
No. 11
No thanks, I already have a muffin top,
don't need an ottoman to remind me.

No. 10
Why do I feel as if I'm at a
luau instead of in a bathroom?

No. 9
"I TOLD my husband to measure
before he went to the appliance store."

No. 8
You might not be a great cook, but, trust me,
you need a working stove top more than you
need more speakers for your stereo.

No. 7
I like cats.  It's true - I don't have a cat but, I promise, I
really do like cats.  Just not in my bathroom, bigger than life.

No. 6
Either the kids' science project has escaped down to the
basement or you need to update your carpet.  Quickly.

No. 5

While it's sweet to have pictures of family members and friends displayed in your home, keep it to a limit and (for the love of a tape measure) hang them straight.  

No. 4
 The ad stated 'walk-up apartment'.  Didn't know that
meant an exterior staircase made out of ceiling fan blades.

No. 3
My corneas are seared.  Make it stop.

No. 2
Such potential.  Sigh.  Unless you're prepared to talk to your guests
And while you're at it, buy a bigger rug and a coffee table.

And, now, the Number One Decorating
Mistake of the Year:

(drum roll, please)

Do-It-Yourself  Faux  Painting!

Be safe this New Year's Eve
and wake up with a smile on
your face tomorrow morning!

December 28, 2012

Surely this isn't the last Friday of the year - but, it is!  Let's
celebrate with some ingenious repurposing, shall we?

What a clever use of egg cartons - safely
store your Christmas tree balls in them.

Have a little furry friend who needs some extra outer-wear
during the cold weather?  Use that sock (whose mate you lost
last year) to create a custom sweater.

Very clever use of a vintage, metal game board.

Yes, those are keyboard keys glued to a barrette!

Turn an old tin into a charming little kitchen clock.

Glue magnets to the back of old spice tins
and use as handy pencil holders on the 'frig.

LOVE this old shutter shelf.

Here's another shutter treatment in a nursery:

This shutter is charmingly being used to display old photos:
Sarah Ramczyk

The next time you run across an old water hose caddy
at a yard sale, think about using it as a wine rack.

Are you saving a bottle to commemorate a special
event?  YouTube offers many video tutorials on
turning wine bottle into a vase.

How darling is this 'antique-door-
knob-turned-bath-towel-hook' idea?!

Got an old wood ladder hangin' around?  
Put it to work in your bedroom or laundry.

Find yourself with lots of promotional
tote bags?  Turn them into pillows.

Additional recycling tip:  stuff them with those annoying plastic grocery bags.

Sew Deerly Loved
I adore this idea.  Someone lovingly turned an old
bedside table into a precious little play kitchen.

Such an elegant touch - make stationary out of
old sheet music and add your own personal art.

Susan Simon
Wonder what to do with tarnished silver plated utensils?  How
about using them to make a wind chime?  What a sterling idea!

In the excitement of the coming New Year, I hope you include recycling,
upcycling, and repurposing on your list of resolutions.   Small efforts can
yield dramatic results, reduce landfill waste, and showcase your distinct style.

Have a wonderful weekend!

December 27, 2012

Have you recovered from the holiday, yet?  Me, either.  It was a hectic, fabulous
time spent with family and intense negotiations for The Secret.  More on that later.

Believe it or not, I know people who actually start taking down their Christmas tree
and decorations on Christmas afternoon!  Before they disappear 'til next year, let's
look at some beautiful trees that were lovingly decorated by their homeowners:

Goodbye 'til next year, Christmas trees.

We drove 10 hours back to Florida yesterday, driving through snow in Birmingham and passing tornado destruction in south Alabama.  When you see someone's home completely blown away, it makes you realize how fortunate you really are.