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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie!  

Ginger and Cocoa, two Dachshunds from Williamsport, PA, dress up
for their local Humane Society's Halloween fundraiser.  We dog owners
(dog owned-ers!) can really get caught up in the holiday spirit, can't we?

This chandelier might be taking the Halloween theme a bit far.
It's quite ghoulish but, at the same time, eerily fascinating.

Remember when . . . . . . . .

. . . .way back in the olden days we Trick-or-Treated
with noisemakers to scare off the ghosts!

And, we put a lot of time into designing our homemade costumes. 

Need some last minute front door decoration inspiration?

Was there ever a more perfect treat?

Make this easy candy corn inspired dessert with
pudding, canned fruit, and whipped cream.  Yum!

This mummy-inspired cake was made with vanilla fondant
strips and googly candy eyes from the Dollar Tree.

The Halloween tablescape, below, was created with covered cans,
spray-painted tree branch, and construction paper.  So cute.

Create darling Halloween topiaries with styrofoam
balls, straight pins, candy, and repurposed jars.

Extend the life of your front porch pumpkin by decorating it with
buttons and bows.  This saves your pumpkin for those favorite
Thanksgiving recipes.  Very fleaChic!

Regardless of how you celebrate it, have a safe and fun Halloween.

Hurricane Sandy update:  I sincerely thank those of you who prayed and uplifted my family during the devastating storm.  They're fine, warm, and (Hallelujah!) had their electricity restored late last night.  We are so grateful.

October 30, 2012

HURRICANE  SANDY  UPDATE  - With family and friends in harm's way, my mind isn't on fleaChic today.   

It's predicted that the area my son and his family live in will be without power for a week.  They're safe but uncomfortable.  It's frustrating to be so far away from loved ones and unable to help.  I truly appreciate the positive thoughts and prayers being sent out for everyone impacted by Sandy.  -- Jan

October 29, 2012

Of the many earth-tone colors of Fall, which is your favorite?  Harvest Gold has always appealed me.  

Even when the weather turns dreary, autumn gold is cheerful and uplifting. . . . . .

Take a cue from Mother Nature - try a few golden
yellow accent pieces to warm up your decor.

October 26, 2012

(Deep sigh.) 

The week passed too quickly for us.  Why does time fly at the beach but not when you're in line at the DMV? 

As you read this post we're driving back home, leaving the beach and friends behind.  There's just something transcendental about sitting on the balcony, watching dolphins leap out of the water as they make their way up the coast. 

If I can't post any more beach decor I might as well give you a little pre-weekend inspiration with some interesting before and after projects.

For the millions (I'm uber optimistic!) of my readers who work from home, here's
the brilliant makeover of a cluttered spare room  that was turned into an awesome home office:

Wish I had a sophisticated space like this to write fleaChic!

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture in a house is a console.
It can act as a sofa table, a foyer or entry table, or even as a serving
buffet.  The one below definitely needs a little maintenance, doesn't it?



We all probably have a piece of furniture that is in less than pristine condition.  Take a risk and improve it with an unexpected color.  The cranberry shade of this sofa table is amazing, isn't it?

Oh, dear.  My first thought at seeing the photo below was, "Is this a pile of dusty old wood or an extremely distressed piece of furniture?!"  

Wow.  Not bad for a pile of dusty old wood.

                             Before:                                                   After:

 The paint treatment brings out the intricate
details on this elegant dining room chair.

Vintage plate racks are more popular than ever
and can still be found at fairly reasonable prices.

A paint treatment and new hardware completely transformed the bedside stand, below.  How many times have we seen these useful little cabinets at thrift stores and flea markets?  To the right is an enlarged picture of the details of the paint treatment.

Here's another charming yet simple bedroom
re-do that's easily accomplished in a weekend:

The most challenging aspect of this subtle makeover was hanging
the window treatment hardware.  The new look kind of reminds me of
the beach . . . . . . . deep sigh.

October 25, 2012

Do blue and white remind you of the ocean?  Me, too.  They're such a clean, crisp color combination and are perfectly suited for nautical decor.

Yes, blue and white are awesome together. . . . . . . .

Darren Helgensen
 Even a traditional Duncan Phyffe table can get a nautical makeover:
     Before:                                                                  After:
                                                                                                                                         Blue Star Antiques

Coastal Living

Reclaimed wood is the perfect medium for beach-inspired art.


The soothing sounds of the ocean can be brought
to life with accessories in shades of blue.


Even  if that accessory is Flip Flop Moscato.