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April 30, 2013

You're right - it's a little early for my quarterly I-told-you-so rant about
Mid-Century Modern furniture.  But this past weekend I had an unnerving
thrifting experience and feel compelled to vent ahead of schedule.

Last Saturday I was browsing through one of my favorite thrift
shops and quickly zeroed in on a MCM dresser across the store.
Quickly making a bee-line toward the gorgeous piece I halted in
mid-stride, gasping as I spied the price tag.  

My hands were shaking as I whipped out my
phone, eager to snap a shot of the evidence:

People, people, people - from parenting I learned that you have to say
something 3 times in order for it to be effective - do you see that price?


  Less than a year ago that dresser would have been priced at under $100.
Thrift stores have become savvy to the popularity of vintage pieces and are
charging more for Mid-Century Modern because they can get more.

Considered stark by some critics, MCM's clean, simple lines and
unadorned bare wood represented the efficiency and sophistication of
the times.  Between 1940 and 1960 manufacturers worldwide were
concentrating on the future, producing futuristic space-age furniture.  

Often referred to as Danish Modern, the minimalist furniture is instantly
recognizable for its elegant simplicity.  MCM is the perfect combination of
detailed craftsmanship and functional design.  At the height of its popularity
it was affordable and a definite departure from the Edwardian flair of the
early 20th century.

This beautiful walnut credenza is for sale on eBay for $995.00 plus shipping.

How can anyone say that MCM doesn't have a sense of humor?!

Design Addict
K.P. Mobler was a leading furniture manufacturer in Denmark, the birthplace
to many of the Mid-Century Modern designs we enjoy today.  If you ever run
across a Mobler piece, buy it.  Period.

I completely understand that Mid-Century Modern isn't for everyone but would
you at least consider investing in a piece while it's still relatively affordable?
Your great-grandchildren will thank me. 

April 29, 2013



          Two questions:
          1.  Who doesn't look for extra living/decorating space in their home?  
          2.  If we can repurpose things, why can't we repurpose spaces?

And by spaces, I mean closets:

Would you rather have an extra coat closet or
would you rather have this gorgeous nook?
Speaking of nooks, how enticing is this snug built-in sofa?
Compact, contained, and capable - everything a home office should be.

You can almost double the livable space of a
bedroom by placing the bed(s) in the closet.

Apartment Therapy

Small Place Style
This walk-in closet is now a tiny extra bedroom.

Another bedroom space saving idea -
hide the dresser and mirror in the closet.

The Form of Beauty
I have to admit it, I had an out-of-body
experience when I saw this photo.  Seriously.

Need an extra powder room more than you need
an extra closet?  And how cool is that mural?!
Another tip:  hang a full length mirror above
the sink to give the impression of more space.

What a Wonderful Home
Converting a closet into a craft space does
not mean you can't turn it back into a closet.

Removing the closet doors might not be an option.
No problem - simply take them off their runners and
replace them with a tension rod and curtain.  Wallpaper
the back to dress the space up a little.

Kids Space
One of two closets in this bedroom was seamlessly incorporated
into the decor and now serves as a designated study nook.

Storage Geek
The tall ceiling, the gorgeous molding - this space
is way too amazing to have remained a closet.


Lighted cabinets give a small space
a sense of having a window.

Shopping Candy
Turn a closet into a mini-library.  LOVE the
french door - it gives such a sense of added space.

The tiny rug in this closets adds to the
feeling of it being a separate room:
New York Times

Here's a compromise:  keep the bottom third of the closet as a
cabinet for storage and open up the top 2/3's as a display area.

Want a separate bar and entertaining area?
Look no farther than a coat closet:
Real Simple
A mirror behind the bar gives the illusion of more space.

Sometimes a closet is just a closet:
I Am Momma
If you have a closet in an awkward place
camouflage it to look like an armoire.

Summit Signature Homes
A cute idea for converting a closet into an indoor
playhouse.  Little folks need their space, too!

I've got my eye on our hallway closet - hmmm, I'm thinking a mini-library!

April 27, 2013

What better way to spend part of your weekend than by admiring
the work of others?  Let's start with a quick trip "across the Pond" - 
 Before:                                                        After:
Here's a different interpretation of the Union Jack theme:
Blue, grey and white are a refreshing change.
Flea market and thrift store dressers make wonderful
entertainment centers at very reasonable prices.

The antique lounger, below, was given a lovely new beginning:
Rarely do I intentionally repost a project but what I truly admire about the
bathroom makeover, below, is that it's so "do-able" for the average person.

Visit In My Own Style for a photo
tutorial of this beautiful transformation.

These next projects were completed at Euro Paint Finishes:
  Before:                                                                  After:

The laminate on the antique dresser, below, was too damaged
to be salvaged so a two-tone paint treatment was chosen instead:
 Before:                                                                     After:

 These end tables are so much more appealing now, aren't they?
  Before:                                                                     After:
Lastly, these stunning transformations are brought to you by Babble: 

While Mid-Century Modern might not be for everyone, who couldn't
love this re-do?

This kitchen makeover is almost unbelievable: 

Crazy, right?!

Unfortunately, my home office is looking a lot more like this "before"
than the "after":

Thank you for taking a break and visiting with me.  I hope these
photos inspire you to tackle a Before & After project of your own.