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April 29, 2013



          Two questions:
          1.  Who doesn't look for extra living/decorating space in their home?  
          2.  If we can repurpose things, why can't we repurpose spaces?

And by spaces, I mean closets:

Would you rather have an extra coat closet or
would you rather have this gorgeous nook?
Speaking of nooks, how enticing is this snug built-in sofa?
Compact, contained, and capable - everything a home office should be.

You can almost double the livable space of a
bedroom by placing the bed(s) in the closet.

Apartment Therapy

Small Place Style
This walk-in closet is now a tiny extra bedroom.

Another bedroom space saving idea -
hide the dresser and mirror in the closet.

The Form of Beauty
I have to admit it, I had an out-of-body
experience when I saw this photo.  Seriously.

Need an extra powder room more than you need
an extra closet?  And how cool is that mural?!
Another tip:  hang a full length mirror above
the sink to give the impression of more space.

What a Wonderful Home
Converting a closet into a craft space does
not mean you can't turn it back into a closet.

Removing the closet doors might not be an option.
No problem - simply take them off their runners and
replace them with a tension rod and curtain.  Wallpaper
the back to dress the space up a little.

Kids Space
One of two closets in this bedroom was seamlessly incorporated
into the decor and now serves as a designated study nook.

Storage Geek
The tall ceiling, the gorgeous molding - this space
is way too amazing to have remained a closet.


Lighted cabinets give a small space
a sense of having a window.

Shopping Candy
Turn a closet into a mini-library.  LOVE the
french door - it gives such a sense of added space.

The tiny rug in this closets adds to the
feeling of it being a separate room:
New York Times

Here's a compromise:  keep the bottom third of the closet as a
cabinet for storage and open up the top 2/3's as a display area.

Want a separate bar and entertaining area?
Look no farther than a coat closet:
Real Simple
A mirror behind the bar gives the illusion of more space.

Sometimes a closet is just a closet:
I Am Momma
If you have a closet in an awkward place
camouflage it to look like an armoire.

Summit Signature Homes
A cute idea for converting a closet into an indoor
playhouse.  Little folks need their space, too!

I've got my eye on our hallway closet - hmmm, I'm thinking a mini-library!


  1. Oh fantastic ideas... if only my closets were't so full! :)

  2. Great ideas, but our closets are already bursting at the seams! :-)

  3. Isn't it amazing that closets are a relatively new invention? Closets were basically "invented" by the French aristocracy in the 17th Century as a place to store their massive wardrobes. Wonder where they stored their stuff before that?!

  4. I really NEED all my closets, but my washer and dryer are in a space like that and I love it. I do love the idea of hiding the office space in one and wouldn't mind doing a new build with all these hiding places for things. Maybe new builders will start doing that. Or just creating indented places for visual impact. Love your post.