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April 18, 2013

I have absolutely no problem admitting my character flaws.
You see - I enjoy carrying a chip on my shoulder.
In fact, I love all things chipped and flaky.


The more paint flaking off, the better.




Brown Dress with White Dots

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  1. I love chippy and flaky, too. These photos are so beautiful and love the blues and blue-greens. Lynda

  2. All beautiful! I love the colors and textures.

  3. Jan, You found some absolutely beautiful chippy pieces. You say you have a chip on your shoulder so...does that make you a chip off the old block? xo Diana

    1. Yup and I come from a long line of flakes, too! The first job I had was in high school, working at Sears in their toy department (that will tell you how old I am - Sears hasn't had in-store toy departments in decades!) With the first pay check I earned I put an antique desk and chair on layaway and have it to this day. So, I've been flakey for a long time!

  4. These are beautiful ways to add some chippiness to your life! Love them all, especially those blue shutters! xx

  5. Oh! They are all lovely!
    All great images, I enjoyed them a lot.