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April 10, 2013

Today is National 8 Track Tape Day!
(Trust me, I know these things.)

In the early 1960s, engineers from the Lear Jet Corporation, Ford Motor
Company, General Motors, Motorola, and RCA Records joined forces to
produce a "portable" music system for cars.  Based on magnetic sound tech-
nology,  the 8 track was popular until the mid 1980s and revolutionized
the music industry.

I had forgotten how clunky the cartridges were:

The first 8 track tape I bought was of Neil Diamond -

for the 8 track player in my first car:

a 1973 AMC Javelin.

Mine was painted Baja Bronze and was the First Love of My Life.  Sigh.

And what was décor like in the 1970s?  Radical, man!

Keep in mind that this was the generation that gave us The Brady
Bunch, Welcome Back Kotter, the Dukes of Hazard, and Chips!

The 70s slang included 'Outta sight', 'sit on it', and 'No way, Jose'.

An Ultra Fine Point


Smart Chicks
Two words to describe the 70s?  Far out!

But not everyone strayed too far from traditional concepts.

Designer Michael Taylor decorated the home of socialite Dodie
Rosenkrans of San Francisco in the early 70s.  Timeless, isn't it?

I hope this tour of 70s décor brought a smile to your face.  It won't be
too long before we see these furnishings go from vintage to antique!


  1. Oh- I so remember those days! I lived and loved them- xo Diana

  2. It's hard for our grandchildren to understand that we were The Disco Generation, isn't it?! I just hope denim jumpsuits aren't going to make a comeback! -- Jan

  3. I am laughing at that orange/gold/brown room...I would have loved that back in the late 60's...and been stuck with it for years as punishment! Thanks for sharing...

  4. Oh my gosh, my hubby still has an 8 track tape player he plays in the basement. I think one of my first tapes was of the Eagles. My girlfriend had a green Javelin. We called it the frogmobbile. I hope those styles never come back! lol...

  5. I remember these days all to well... I decorated my very first grown up home very much like many of these! Boy if that doesn't date me!

  6. Those were the early years of our marriage and our house then was a hodge podge of hand me downs. It would be fun to have some of those pieces today.