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April 14, 2013

It's true - I'm obsessed with repurposing.  At least it's a useful obsession . . . .

Convert a thrift store headboard into a drink
stand for your next outdoor entertaining.
String a variety of colored bottles to make a patio screen.
Imagine how beautiful it will be when the sun strikes it.

Decor Direction
Half of a wine barrel was used to hold the sink in a wine cellar. 

Here's an ingenious idea for the other half of the wine barrel:
'Where's the repurposing?' you ask.
Check out the wine bottle cork back splash! 
While we're on the subject of wine bottles,
here are a few other uses for corks: 

What a fun idea - make a key ring using
a cork from a winery you've visited.

Although this looks like a countertop with a cork
border it's actually a photo of a baseboard.
Keep an old TV or computer monitor out of the
landfill by reusing it as a book or DVD organizer.

Need a curtain or shade in a jiffy?  A burlap coffee
or feed sack + a tension rod and you're in business!
 What a LOVE-ly way to repurpose a wood pallet.

Furniture designer Mark Moskovitz of Fifty-Two Thousand
created a unique storage unit and camouflaged it with firewood:
So cabin-y clever.

 Books and a vintage window make a unique coffee table.

While packing away your winter duds, cull out sweaters you
might not wear next year and convert them to pillows:
Craft Junkie

Abernathy Crafts
Do you know someone who collects cameras?  The next time
you run across a vintage camera at a thrift shop, buy it and turn
it into a clock.  Makes a great gift.

Click here for a picture tutorial on how to convert an old Mac
CPU into a clock.  The mouse was used to make the pendulum!

Consider converting a vintage refrigerator into a media center.

The cat thinks you should use the vintage TV cabinet
as an aquarium!  This site will show you how.

To fully appreciate this next repurposing, tilt
your head sideways to the right . . . . . .
. . . . . they're old mailboxes!

Martha Stewart
For darling and portable storage options
put wheels on a painted picnic basket.

I don't know exactly what this industrial metal
base is, I just know it makes an awesome table:

It was a lot of fun gathering these repurposing
ideas for today's post.  I hope you were inspired.

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  1. wow! I love them all..the cork baseboard is so clever and would be so easy!