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September 28, 2012


Happy, Happy Friday!  Where has this week gone?! 
The weekend is almost here and I haven't decided on a Saturday project, yet.
Maybe these Before & After photos will give me a little inspiration.
  Before                                                             After
Stunning transformation of a music cabinet.
This is one of the best makeovers of a Mid-
Century credenza I've seen in a while:
Before                                                     After

Red Hen Home
Here's another darling treatment of the same type of credenza.
I can't stress how reasonably priced MidCentury Modern pieces
are right now.  In a few years, don't say I didn't tell you so!
This 'before' vanity-turned-desk and chair set
was priced at only $20 in a thrift store.
Set Before:

Set after:

And here's an ingenious example of caning a chair with upholstery webbing.
   Before                                                        After
Easy and inexpensive!  I love it.
I won't lie to you - the project below involved a LOT of sanding:
   Before                                                          After
But what beautiful results.
Let's wrap up the week with some interesting repurposing:
It's true - phone booths are just about a thing of the past.
How clever to turn one into an aquarium!

New L.A. housing development built with recycled shipping crates.

I COVET any one's private library card catalog.
Who would have thought to use one as a
wine rack?  So cool.

 Want to make easy chocolate covered strawberries?  Use an ice cube tray!
Remove ice and fill tray with strawberries                 Cover with melted chocolate, let set til firm and voile!

 Whether you're playing, relaxing, crafting,
or flea marketing this weekend, make it fun.

September 26, 2012

Do-It-Yourself projects are financially smart.  And, how about that
feeling of self-satisfaction from knowing you made something cool?
If you can tie a bow you can make this beautiful wreath:
When visiting a thrift shop or flea market do you take the time to look
through the sewing and craft supplies?  Often we focus on furniture or
collectibles and ignore ribbons and fabric.  Next time take a few minutes
to dig through the notions.  Most spools of ribbon are priced at $1 or less.
Want to wow your guests at your next party?
Make a serving bowl out of chocolate!
Tip:  don't forget to set the balloon in the refrigerator for a few
minutes between each drizzle and after removing the balloon.
Rose Cottage                                                                                                                               This Ivy House
          Looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend?  Purchase an
          antique key and mount it in a beautiful frame with sheet music or poetry
          for backing.  Totally charming and so fleaChic!
Do you have an old galvanized bucket or tub?
Use it for a casual seasonal arrangement.
I took the photos, above, at an apple orchard in Minnesota and
was completely charmed by their simple, outdoor arrangements.
Hope today's short post will inspire you to take on a new DIY project.

September 25, 2012

I'm not getting anything done today, just not motivated.
Maybe viewing some Before & After projects will inspire me.

One of the cutest blogs on the 'net is Sawdust & Embryos.  You've got to visit their site and meet Beth and Nick and their adorable twin girls.  HOW does a mother of toddlers have time for renovations?!  Take a look at a couple of their latest projects:

    Before:                                                       After:

Wow, what a transformation.  The drawers were resurfaced and
stained different colors.  The overall effect is charming.
 The dresser, below, was sanded and painted.  Then, using an overhead
projector, the stencil pattern was hand-painted onto the drawers.  SO cute! 

   Before:                                                             After:
Sawdust & Embryos

 Another site with a treasure trove of refinished Mid-Century Modern pieces is Flourish and Blume:
   Before:                                                        After:
   Before:                                                         After:
   Before:                                                          After:

Before:                                                         After:
Amazing, right?  Visit Flourish and Blume to view more photos on these projects.

Bedroom makeovers are so interesting.  Here's a great example of a successful re-do:

You know that I'm often against painting beautiful wood but, in this case, I approve!

                                                A Girl & A Brush

 Well, I do feel a little motivated.  A trip to the thrift shop is in order.
Now, where are my keys?

September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!   Let's start the week with some ingenious repurposing.

Thrift shops are teeming with neglected silver plated serving pieces at very reasonable prices.  What a beautiful way to display succulents and other small plants. 
A little bird told me it's easy to organize your earrings!

I love this idea for repurposing sweaters.  If you don't want to carve up your
own sweaters, you'll find zillions of them at yard sales and thrift stores.    
Here's another twist on using sweaters and leftover fabric to
create holiday decor.  Don't have an orange sweater?  Dye a white one:

 Are you looking for an organic, beautiful, and unusual headboard?
Visit a sawmill and ask for an unused end piece.  Cleaned, shellacked
and left in its natural state, you'll have an exquisite heirloom piece
that will serve you for generations.
It's hard to have a repurposing post without including a recycled pallet.  Add
industrial casters and your 'instant bed' is portable.  Take advantage of the view!