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March 29, 2013

Here's a little secret  -

- for the last week I've been posting from
Washington, D.C. while on vacation.

I'm taking a break from fleaChic today but couldn't
resist sharing these bunny stenciled Mason jars.
Friends, have a safe and joyous Easter holiday.

March 28, 2013

March came in like a lion and is, thankfully, frolicking out like a lamb.
Is that impatient April I see trying to peak through my window?

My Coloring Book
 As flowery friends start poking their heads up to share their beautiful
bounty let's look at some inspiring ways to display them.
 Often the simplest arrangements make the most powerful statements.

Cake Events
How clever are you to repurpose water bottles?!

Bubble Rock
Thrift shop decanters make beautiful, simple vases.

Creature Comforts

How charming is this vintage tin?



Fresh cut flowers make every room a little brighter, a little happier.

Now and Then You Wonder




Rue daMour

Treat yourself as special as you would a
guest - start your day with a happy bouquet.

March 27, 2013

It's been over a week since I've  posted repurposing
ideas.  I'll take care of that right now!

Do you have board games but have lost most of the playing
pieces?  Turn the play board into a unique treasure box or gift box.
If you crochet or knit and have a kitten or puppy who likes to
play with the yarn, this ingenious idea is perfect for you.
What a charming use of scrabble tiles and a great gift idea, too. 
How precious are these Easter-inspired little
bird nests?!  Click here for the pictorial tutorial. 

Here's another darling use of spools - customized
wax sealers and ink stampers:

Click here here for the step-by-step tutorial.
Artist Lee Wismer takes rock painting to new heights
with her imaginative creations.  Glue a magnet to the back
and you've got instant refrigerator door organization! 
Books might not grow on trees but these limbs
are a clever, organic way to display them.
I love this idea of mounting a vintage typewriter
on the wall and using it as a book shelf, don't you?
 Unused tackle boxes are great for starting plants and herbs.
Old monitors are ideal for converting into kitty condos.
When baby outgrows the crib, think
about turning it into an activity center.
Babies outgrow their changing tables pretty quickly.
Here is a great idea for repurposing one into a bar: 
                                  Before                                       After
 But bars certainly aren't the only uses for a changing table.
Once they're equipped with caster wheels, the possibilities are
endless - a mobile island for the kitchen, a gardening center
for the back yard, or even a portable craft station.
Hope you're inspired by these repurposing
ideas and are having a great Wednesday!

March 26, 2013

                    Let's play Word Association.  I say 'black and yellow' and you say - 


                    Umm. . . . the Pittsburgh Steelers?  


                    Vanderbilt University!   


            Pairing black and yellow is one of the hottest color trends right
            now.  And, while it's not for everyone, it's definitely dramatic. 

Though not a common pairing, a combination of black and yellow will certainly liven up your surroundings.            And sometimes taking our cue from Mother Nature's         color palette isn't such a bad idea, is it?!

March 25, 2013

Decorating Rumors - debunked!
A dark ceiling will make the room look small and depressing.
Original art should be displayed in a public
room, not hidden away in a bedroom.

Mid-Century Modern isn't interesting enough to be chic.

Not My Beautiful Home

Portraits should only be hung in the living room.

The Decorista

Mirrors don't belong in kitchens.
Exposed beams only belong in country d├ęcor.
Quilt tops and portraits don't belong in the kitchen.
Silly collections, such as vintage sand pails, aren't
sophisticated enough to be displayed in the living room.

Don't waste your time on projects that only you will see.
Buddha Interiors

Kitchen cabinets should match.
Beautiful Home


Hope these photos help to clear up some decorating myths.