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December 31, 2015

This piece was displayed at The Art Institute of Chicago: 
I don't know if that is the artist or a bemused tourist.

A 1953 VW Beetle was transformed into A Sphere:
It makes me sad that a beautiful vintage Beetle was sacrificed
for art. Why couldn't the artist have used a Yugo?

 Sun Shines In The Rusty Morning by Anya Gallaccio:
That's right - it's a pile of bricks.

What is the piece below saying?
I'd rather regurgitate worms than view art?!

Pietro Ruffo's The Chinese Empire:
 (It's a pile of empty boxes that once
held merchandise from China.)

 What appears to be a leather jacket is 
actually one piece of carved wood: 
(Including the hanger and the wallet sticking out of the pocket!)

When I first viewed the next two paintings,
I thought, "I could do that!"

Pablo Picasso's First Communion, 1896:

Pablo Picasso's Olga, 1923:

Pablo Picasso's A Dream, 1932:
What the heck happened to him?!

(No kidding.)

Paint-By-Numbers art from the 1960's has become
highly collectible.  Who'd have thought?

Decorators and designers are encouraging their clients
to 'mix it up' when it comes to displaying art:

Yes, it certainly is.

December 29, 2015

As the year winds down let's view beautiful steps that take us up.




I hope that your day is beautiful and uplifting.

December 28, 2015

The last Repurposeful Monday of 2015?  Sad.  But inspiring!

Anything recovered in a burlap
coffee bean bag looks fabulous.
I love this recovered bench:
And speaking of benches, this coffee
table was cut in half:
 . . . . to create two benches for the mud room:

A vintage Coca-Cola cooler was used
to make a charming bathroom vanity:

You don't have to go big when repurposing -
little upcycle ideas are great, too:
A dishwasher scrabble sign - brilliant!

Adorable personalized family photo. . . . . 

. . . . . of unique pendants:
Yes, Scrabble tiles are crafty and versatile . . . .
. . . . even in the garden!

It's hard to toss out Christmas cards you've received from
family and friends.  Turn them into next year's gift tags:
Add a few extra trinkets to give your
gift tags a mixed-media look.

Click here for a tutorial on how to make this lovely
 Victorian-inspired decoration that was created from cards.

If you give books as holiday gifts, make your own
bookmarks from repurposed Christmas cards:

Sorry today's Repurposeful Monday is a little sparse.  The
house is suffering from Holiday Havoc and needs a very
thorough cleaning.  I'd rather be bloggin' but I'd better get busy.