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December 7, 2015

There are only 3 Repurposeful Mondays 'til Christmas?
Golly, gee willikers, let's get busy!

Spread the cheer into the kitchen with Christmas ball magnets:

This adorable hand painted Santa light bulb
ornament is available on Etsy for $8:
Or you could decoupage a wrapping paper
picture of Santa on a bulb yourself.

Vintage light bulbs that no longer work can
still be used as ornaments:
Etsy Vendor

Old wood blocks and beads make charming "shabby" ornaments:
Etsy Vendor

Etsy Vendor

If the kids get bored during the holiday school
break ask them to create button tree ornaments:


Or turn the toys they've outgrown into ornaments:
Etsy Link
The bottom of most children's toy boxes are lined with
knick knacks they've outgrown.  Such sweet memories.

The silver plated cap of an old salt shaker
was turned into a bell ornament:

This little salt shaker was filled with shredded
Etsy Source

A vintage office stamp holder was spray painted
green and is now used to display ornaments:
Etsy Vendor

Reuse wine corks when you gift wine:

You can pay $32 for a set of four wine bottle gnome covers or you can
make your own with felt, wood ball noses and beards from a craft shop.

Coffee beans and votives make aromatic table decorations.

If you're giving coffee shop gift cards this Christmas consider
making small stockings out of burlap coffee bags to hold them:

Dollar Tree stockings will add magical whimsy
to your table setting:

Styrofoam cones and tassel trim make adorable trees:

Look around the back yard for some natural
Christmas decoration supplies:

Make your own Christmas cards or dining
place cards with greenery and buttons:

Weathered wood is so versatile:

Do you have a friend who won't be able
to make it home for Christmas?
Decoupage a map that features their hometown on a wood
dove or bear.  You can probably find them at Michael's.

Pages from an outdated atlas and sheet music were
combined to make a unique holiday wreath:

Has someone on your gift list taken a vacation this year?
Make them a set of coasters that features maps of their trip:
Pick up an old atlas at a thrift shop and tiles from a
home improvement store.  Using Modge Podge
adhere cut out pieces of the maps onto the tiles. 

Such a cute little balls-of-string snowman!

It's easy to temporarily turn an old window into
a nostalgic decoration during the holidays:

Keep an eye out for old Scrabble games
at flea markets and thrift shops:
The tiles make enchanting ornaments.
Etsy Vendor

Etsy Vendor

Magical vintage Santa Keys can be left by the front door
so that Santa can get into a house without a chimney:
Etsy Vendor

Wouldn't this pile of books topped with a tea pot
and a cup and saucer make a brilliant lamp base?

These holiday repurposing ideas aren't going
to make themselves, ya'll.  Let's get busy!


  1. GREAT ideas! thanks so much! Love the magnets and the light bulb santa!

  2. Jan you never cease to amaze! Yet another inspirational post.

  3. Gosh, these were just amazing creations. You fill my head with idea ~~~now my hands better get to work...HaHa.