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July 31, 2015

Before & After Friday!

There's hardly an architectural enhancement you could add to a
room that's more appealing than molding.  Whether it's on the
ceiling, on a chair rail or fancy layers of baseboard trim, molding
can dress up any area of the house.

Let's take a look at some before and after photos of M.I.
(Molding Improvement!)

The addition of molding made these kitchen renovations even more successful:

Look how much nicer this bedroom looks now:

This living room is even lovelier with the chair rail:

This project shows that you can enhance a room that
already has crown molding with more crown molding:
Before                    After

Kitchen ceiling before:
 Kitchen Ceiling after:

A blah bookcase now has the wow factor thanks
to the addition of molding and paint:

The arrow indicates the pantry door that
received a crown molding treatment:

This great room had beautiful molding but a change
of paint color makes it much more noticeable:


Living room before:
 Living room after:
 Close up shot of the molding pattern:
Whoever cut and hung this incredible molding deserves a medal!
(I'm dizzy just looking at it for two minutes!)

Molding hung on the ceiling adds a touch
of sophistication to this dining room:

The crown molding on this bedroom ceiling
makes a subtle but elegant change: 

The crown molding is very eye catching
and makes the ceiling appear even taller.

Look how much more inviting this front door is
with just a little molding added to the frame:

I don't have a 'before' picture of this bedroom
but you can appreciate the dramatic change
using two paint colors and trim can make: 

Two photos of a little cabinet before:
 The same cabinet after:

Topping off this cabinet with molding
gave it a custom look:

The addition of molding completely changed this window:

Bathroom before the renovation:
 Bathroom after the renovation:
There were many improvements to this bathroom
but the crown molding completed the project.

The difference that molding makes on this door is remarkable:

Let's close today's post with photos from an immensely
successful renovation of a 1920's Atlanta bungalow.
Living room before:


Dining room/kitchen during:
Molding and trim played an important part in historic architecture.
The owners of this home in the Westview neighborhood of south-
west Atlanta brought back the elegance of the house's former life
with the inclusion of many different types of molding.  Stunning!

Don't be intimidated by the prospects of adding crown molding to
your home.  There are innumerable websites that offer tutorials on
how to cut and hang molding and trim, making it a 'do-able' DIY project.

  Have fun at the home improvement store this weekend!

July 30, 2015

Collecting antique and vintage photographs is a
fun hobby and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Narrowing your collection to a specific subject makes the
hunt for old photographs more interesting.  A trend that is
growing in popularity?  Early 20th century photos referred
to as Paper Moons.

Usually found at carnivals, fairs and arcades, Paper Moons were
travelling photo booths that featured painted crescent-shaped wood
moons on which those being photographed would sit.  Often they
were lifted off the floor making an even more memorable souvenir.

Many early 20th century photography studios
offered a more 'refined' type of moon setting:

What makes this antique black and white photograph
so rare is that it's of kittens and the moon is upside-down.

Antique shops and online auctions are usually the best sources
for niche collections.  But keep your eyes open at estate auctions
and flea markets.  You just never know what you'll run across.