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October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Today's Before & After Friday is a little scary and
might not be too popular with all fleaChic readers.

We're going to look at creative face painting for Halloween
and the scary part might be when you realize how much money
you can could save on a costume by painting your face.


Gorgeous fashion diva and model Heidi Klum had her make up artist age her (something actors rarely do!)

Great job!

Two years ago this young lady's costume was Velma from Scooby Doo.
Last year, after losing 47 pounds, she went as a sexy Velma:

And here's a B&A of The Mystery Machine:

These two best friends have spent Halloween together for years.
Lesa, on the left of both photos, lost 130 pounds and you can see
the stunning results, right.

Smurfette is a fairly easy make-up job:
Click here for the video tutorial.

A Tim Burton-ish alien just requires black and white face paint:

Here's the same model with a different palette:

This young chemistry major was made over for a frat party:
I'd give him an A+!

I like a cheerful vampire, don't you?!


Terrrrrrric Tiger:

Looking for something a little simpler?
How 'bout a Happy Hippie?

Or a cartoony spotted fawn?


I don't have the before photo but here's a
cute idea for a comic strip character:

However you dress up for Halloween,
make sure it's safe and fun and. . . . . 
. . . . . purrrrrfectly delightful!

October 30, 2014

Materials from the outdoors make beautiful crafts indoors.

 Nicole Duke
A beautiful Fall rose

 Even the kittens are pumpkins!

Sorry today's post is so short but it's a road
trip for hubby and me.  See you tomorrow!

October 29, 2014

Today's post features some last minute Halloween decorations that
you can make from stuff that's probably lying around the house.
Aren't these log ghouls adorable?!

This is definitely the most brilliant
use of scrap wood for Halloween:
Craft O'Maniac

You wouldn't have to actually cut out a Jack-O-Lantern
face on one of these cans.   Just use black felt or paper. 


Why decorate spooky when you can decorate
cute?  A Wizard of Oz theme is precious:


How adorable are these tiny tin men?

Here's another cute can idea:


Mason jars and coffee cans can be
transformed into spooktacular decor.

Home Talk

Have any broken crayons lying around?
Melt and dribble them over a pumpkin:

Scrub-pad pumpkins make nifty kitchen-friendly gifts:


Do you have a puzzle that has a few missing pieces?
Use it to make an orange spray painted pumpkin:

I'm pretty sure that I posted this photo of spooky spools
a few years ago but it's still just as adorable.

And here are some free Halloween printables
found at Better Homes and Gardens:

Click here for the timeless patterns.

Craft O'Maniac also offers some free Halloween craft printables:
Craft O'Maniac
You still have time to make some of these projects.  After all, we
have three days until the little goblins start ringing our doorbells.