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June 28, 2013

A little bird just informed me that there are only 3 days left in June.
I simply refuse to believe it. (Birds are notorious prevaricators.)

To quote Abraham Lincoln:  "Sayin' it don't make it so."  

Hmmm. . . .unfortunately, in this case Abe was wrong, the bird
was right, so let's get busy and wrap up the week with the
Fabulous Friday Before & After Show:

You know that I go all Lady Gaga over dresser projects and this
is one of my favorites.  The bead board and baskets are brilliant.

Sorry that these B&A photos are reversed but you get the idea:
When a dresser has such beautiful lines (or
curves!) it's easier to get beautiful results.

A lovely but rather dull Queen Anne desk needed a little updating
and a simple paint job did the trick.  The proof is in the pudding!(?)
Painting the drawer pulls matte silver is the detail that really tops off
the cake.  (Apparently, I'm channeling my grandmother today.)

  Before                                                                      After

Aren't these painted Dollar Tree vases darling?  The
key to the glossy look?  They're painted on the inside!

                        Before                                                           After

Art Is Beauty

So elegant in its simplicity, this cabinet was sanded and lightly
painted, a decal was applied and it's ready for service in the kitchen.

This next project involves a perky little 1960s cabinet:
  Before                                                                  After

Trevi Vintage Designs
Look at those sassy gold legs and
the turquoise door pulls.  So cute!

These next three projects that were recently featured at Apartment Therapy:

The paint treatment on this desk is great but, personally,
I would have polished the drawer pulls and left them brassy.

Apartment Therapy
You know my passion for all things Mid-Century Modern
but I have admit that the results of this makeover are wonderful.

This next transformation is quite deceiving:

A Delightful Design
Creating a curved ceiling is very difficult.  At first glance the walls look as if
they're made of cinder blocks but they're actually trimmed out in horizontal
paneling.  I really like the effect but it sort of looks like an underground
tunnel beneath the White House.

Looking for a project that can be completed in a couple of hours?

Crafty Nest
This looks like a completely different lamp just
by painting the shade and stenciling on a design.

I hope you liked today's post.  Get out there and enjoy
this last weekend in June.  See you  next month!

June 26, 2013

A room can be ladylike without lace,
ruffles, and angels.

I call it Deceptively Feminine.

I like the concept.
I like it a lot.

eclectic revisited

What softens this room?  The glass top coffee
table?  The flowers?  The light fixture?

Fresh Home Decor
The light wood of the furniture compliments the tone of this bedroom.

There's absolutely nothing stark about this living
room even though there is very little color.

The pop of the yellow settee and the mirrored
coffee table hint at a very feminine touch.

At first glance I thought this photo was in black and white
until I looked closer and noticed the browns and beiges.  I
absolutely love this dining room.  And that ceiling - oh, momma.

Another mirrored coffee table and the art work soften what could
easily have been a more masculine scheme.  Those weathered doors . . . sigh.

Words are not necessary, are they?

Spacious, subtle, calming, balanced - everything
a woman could ask for in a bedroom.

Pale blush walls and the lightest of turquoise are a soothing
combination - love the unexpected leopard print seat cover.

The window treatments and the chandelier tame
this room into a much less mannish retreat.

Who says modern eclecticism can't be feminine?  Not me!

That single tureen of white star fish says,
"Yes, we girls are at the beach."

No frills are needed when a room is dominated
by such a magnificent mirror.

Deco Rare
Not the same room but definitely the
same mirror.  It's still magnificent.

Oh, those toile chairs.  Yes, please.

Upholstered chairs are a welcomed
addition to any bedroom.

Without the mirror, the paisley window panels and the tiger print
chair, what would you have?  A rather masculine office, I think. 

European Bohemian?  Whatever the style, it works.

Distressed whites and silver coupled with faded
vintage quilts are feminine and romantic
without being frilly and too sweet.

Definitely Jane Austen-worthy.  So romantic
and womanly and not a rose in sight.

Well, here you have it - a post filled with incredibly
beautiful and ladylike rooms without the benefit of
overly effeminate accoutrement.

June 25, 2013

The Grammarist states that Gender is increasingly used to refer to a person's maleness or femaleness. Today I'm asking,

"Does Gender play an important part in your decorating scheme?  Do you think 'male or female' when considering an acquisition for your home?"

Definitely mannish but I love the pewter walls, rustic table, and
black and white art.   Would you feel at home in this room?

I've never really thought about it before but I'd say
that a nautical theme leans toward the masculine.

Gender specific?  I think more Gender Compromise.

Quite manly but incredibly interesting, isn't it?

Belgium designer Esther Gutmer is known for her deceivingly
simple contemporary decor with an element of international flavor.
Definitely man-cave material.

The polished concrete floor conveys an
industrial bent in this uncluttered room.

Tins in tins with painted butterflies is a captivating piece of art.
Rust and metal don't necessarily communicate a masculine touch. 

My father collected arrowheads, antique guns,
and vintage tools.  He would have loved this set.

Though feminine pastels were used liberally in retro
mid-century decor, it definitely had a masculine appeal.

An interesting arrangement of portraits and
sketches of men makes a charming presentation.

This room is such a beautiful contradiction
of  elements but it works seamlessly.

Is it sexist to say that animal skulls are a little mannish?

If you're comfortable in your surroundings, that's all
that's really important.  Male?  Female?  Who cares?