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June 12, 2013

Oh, you lucky June birthday babies!  Your
birthstone has traditionally been the pearl but
there are actually 3 very beautiful gemstones
to commemorate June:  Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

  Alexandrite:                                                          Moonstone:

American Gem Society
What an array of gorgeousness.  Either a Gemini or Cancer, do you children
of June find yourselves gravitating to these rich jewel tones?

The many different shades of gray have traditionally reflected
a sense of sophistication as well as a serene, calming color scheme.

Light gray walls convey a sense of spaciousness
while providing an alternative to a white backdrop.

Grey is one of the most versatile of colors.  No longer relegated to a formal
living room, grey is popping up all over the house, even in the nursery:

Monica Martinez

Alexandrite was named after Czar Alexander II when it was discovered
in Russia in 1831.  Quite rare, Alexandrite appears as a beautiful shade of
deep ocean green with a depth of colors ranging from soft blue-ish moss to
an intense tint of turquoise .


Turquoise Inspiration

Granos deGranada


Elle Decor

The magenta tones of the Moonstone make it one of the more
unconventional gemstones.  Startling but fresh, the deep lush
pink can be overpowering if not used sparingly.


Little Blue Deer
Pearl grey is the perfect compliment to magenta.

Pagoda Road
Color aside, I love how they removed the closet doors, upholstered
the wall with a tufted design, recessed the bed and trimmed it out in grey.

House Proud Signs

Apartment Therapy
It might be a step outside of your comfort zone but consider incorporating
the many June colors of pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone.


  1. I love grey, especially the Anne Sloan's Paris Grey. We just painted a couple of walls this color in our Cottage and it warmed it up, I love it.

  2. I'm loving the calming effect the grey has on me! Never thought of it before!

  3. Jan, You put together a really great post here. I love grey, too, but don't really have any in this house. I love that first nursery with the sweet tree on the wall. xo Diana

  4. Beautiful colors and all so complimentary to gray. Very pretty - I love the gray walls. xo