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June 24, 2013

Hello, Monday!

Mondays are all about Repurposing at fleaChic.
Are you ready to view some ingenious upcycling?

     Question:  What can you make with plastic spoons and a water bottle?
     Answer:    An amazing light fixture!  Don't believe me?  See for yourself:

Designer Francois Legault created these beautiful spoon
light fixtures that were featured on DIY Inspired.

Here are some clever ideas to keep in mind the next time you
run across a basket of inexpensive forks at a flea market:

Plant an old mailbox in your garden to store your tools.

An old shutter makes a beautiful bathroom organizer.

Isn't this vintage newspaper rack terrific
for displaying a plate collection?

A vintage Pachinko game was repurposed
into a very interesting coffee table.

An old metal typewriter table found at a flea
market is the perfect height for a bedside table.

You can't beat vintage luggage for adding
instant charm as well as instant storage space.

Here's another brilliant space saving
idea - turn a book case into a closet!

Better Homes and Gardens online recently posted several ingenious
repurposing ideas.  Here are a few of my favorites from that article:

Convert a lovely vintage birdbath into a spa station in your bathroom.

Turn a distressed old porch rail into a mail organizer.

An old galvanized bucket makes a charming wine and glass chiller.

Ann Marie of Twice Lovely came up with a genius idea for
an inexpensive sofa table:  two ikea bar stools and two 6 ft.
wood planks (one 12 inches wide and one 8 inches wide.)
She's such a darling girl and so smart!

When you're at Lowes or Home Depot
check out their refab stair steps:
Isn't this a darling display idea?

Twelve O Eight
The next time you're at a thrift shop pick up an old lamp shade,
remove the fabric covering, add mason jars and votives -
viola! - instant outdoor chandelier.

Miss Effie's Diary
Fire fits are so cool but turning an old
metal wheel barrow into one is even cooler!

I hope today's repurposing ideas inspire you to upcycle
items in your house.  Make it a great Monday!


  1. Jan- There are some really great ides here. Love those steps and the wheelbarrow idea is GREAT-xo Diana

  2. It's getting harder and harder to find a vintage wheel barrow - I don't know if I'd have the courage to set it on fire! haha I'm seriously thinking of making a pair of the stair step, it would add so much architectural interest to my kitchen. Thanks for stopping by today! -- Jan

  3. Hi Jan. I am glad that you found the Garden Spot. I think we are going to become great friends. I know that I will enjoy your flea market finds and ideas as I love poking around old junk stores and flea markets. I don't know anyone in Alabama, so I will love reading about you. Anything Jane Austin: we are of the same mind. I just retired from teaching English at the University of Northern Colorado. Jane is a favorite.

    1. Welcome to the amazing World of Retirement, Ann! Within 6 months you're going to say, "I'm so busy now I don't know how I ever had time to work!" Seriously, it sounds as if you and your husband have found your dream spot - acreage and a barn, room for beautiful gardens and interesting beasts. Can't wait to follow your journeys through your blog. -- Jan