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June 26, 2013

A room can be ladylike without lace,
ruffles, and angels.

I call it Deceptively Feminine.

I like the concept.
I like it a lot.

eclectic revisited

What softens this room?  The glass top coffee
table?  The flowers?  The light fixture?

Fresh Home Decor
The light wood of the furniture compliments the tone of this bedroom.

There's absolutely nothing stark about this living
room even though there is very little color.

The pop of the yellow settee and the mirrored
coffee table hint at a very feminine touch.

At first glance I thought this photo was in black and white
until I looked closer and noticed the browns and beiges.  I
absolutely love this dining room.  And that ceiling - oh, momma.

Another mirrored coffee table and the art work soften what could
easily have been a more masculine scheme.  Those weathered doors . . . sigh.

Words are not necessary, are they?

Spacious, subtle, calming, balanced - everything
a woman could ask for in a bedroom.

Pale blush walls and the lightest of turquoise are a soothing
combination - love the unexpected leopard print seat cover.

The window treatments and the chandelier tame
this room into a much less mannish retreat.

Who says modern eclecticism can't be feminine?  Not me!

That single tureen of white star fish says,
"Yes, we girls are at the beach."

No frills are needed when a room is dominated
by such a magnificent mirror.

Deco Rare
Not the same room but definitely the
same mirror.  It's still magnificent.

Oh, those toile chairs.  Yes, please.

Upholstered chairs are a welcomed
addition to any bedroom.

Without the mirror, the paisley window panels and the tiger print
chair, what would you have?  A rather masculine office, I think. 

European Bohemian?  Whatever the style, it works.

Distressed whites and silver coupled with faded
vintage quilts are feminine and romantic
without being frilly and too sweet.

Definitely Jane Austen-worthy.  So romantic
and womanly and not a rose in sight.

Well, here you have it - a post filled with incredibly
beautiful and ladylike rooms without the benefit of
overly effeminate accoutrement.