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June 10, 2013

Isn't repurposing superbly satisfying?  Being thrifty is
definitely a virtue but knowing that you saved money
while reducing waste is simply splendid.

One of the best sources for repurposing and upcycling ideas
on the internet is Upcycle That.   I'm happy to share a few of
their ingenious postings on this Repurposeful Monday.

How clever is this "garden chic" idea?  Yes, those
are wire tomato cages supporting the desk top!

Need another simple desk idea?  Get a couple of bar
stools, a spare book case shelf, and you're in business.

Bet you can't guess this darling side table's former
occupation.  (It's was old wire trash can.)

Clocks made from old bicycle parts are not only
economical but they're uber cool and unique.

Do you know someone who is into retro decor?
Make them a serving bowl out of an old vinyl LP:

Step 1:  Turn the oven on a low temperature (200 degrees)
Step 2:  Place a metal colander on a cookie sheet and place the record on it
Step 3:  A dowel can be used to stabilize the record if needed
Step 4:  Place in the oven and watch it closely.  When you see the record start to become warped remove it from the oven.  At this stage the plastic is quite malleable so mold it into the shape you desire.  NOTE:  it will be very hot so use oven mitts.

 Ice tea cans are colorful and great for rooting plants or growing herbs.

Centsational Girl
Old paint cans covered in wallpaper scraps make charming planters.
This idea is also a great Summer craft project for little ones.

How awesome is this utensil fruit bowl?!
To make a piece like this:  turn a large plastic mixing bowl upside
down and use it as a form for layering the utensils.  Using a hot glue
gun, adhere the forks, knives and spoons in place.  Charming!

Aren't these candle holders beautiful?  Check out your local
Habitat For Humanity thrift shop for outdoor light fixtures.  

How awesome is this vintage camera-turned light fixture?

In a previous life this ottoman was a washing machine drum.

Mason jar sewing kits make great gifts for young women going off to college.
(I would say they make great gifts for young men, too, but I seriously doubt
that they would get much use!)

Brilliant - never lose your house keys: 
I love this idea!

Some of the most plentiful things for sale at flea markets, thrift shops and
yard sales are mis-matched china cups and saucers. Not only can you create
pretty serving pieces, they can also be used to make fancy bird feeders.

Thanks for stopping by for Repurposeful Monday.  I hope you'll visit
Upcycle That for more inventive and interesting repurposing ideas.


  1. Great ideas.. I bookmarked the site so I can see more! Thanks...

    1. Thanks! I love posting repurposing ideas - some of them are so simple you ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?! -- Jan

  2. These are genius! Love the washing machine drum and those desk supports. So cool. xo

  3. Oh, these are terrific ideas. I think I'm actually going to try the one with the record albums- that looks really neat!