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June 3, 2013

'ello, lovelies.  I 'ope you're ready for some
splendid repurposin' this merry Monday.

(I'm speaking in a Cockney accent today.  It's just a
coincidence that I watched My Fair Lady last night.)

Thrift shops are excellent locations in which ta' find ol' sheet music.
Fill the cones wit' potpourri and use in place of rice at a weddin'.

Lisa Mende Design
What is it?  It's a Penny Ball, luv.  Folklore says that pennies
in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas  bluer.  Just find
an ol' bowlin' ball, a sack o' pennies, some super glue and you've got
a project to keep the kiddies busy (for a while, at least.)

Cheryl Cabana
'ow clever - a large, old window bein' used as a garden gate.

Want to 'pretty up' your garden with a coupla' unique birdfeeders?

Second Chance to Dream
Turn a flea market candy dish into a Victorian-ish birdfeeder
with a few simple tools.  Click 'ere for the easy tutorial.

Second Chance to Dream
If there's just no' a place in your 'ome for a vintage lamp, put it to use in
the garden.  Click 'ere for the surprisin'ly easy step-by-step tutorial.

If you've ever been in a Joann's Fabric store then you're aware of th'
inexpensive natural wood birdhouses they sell.  Maybe your little
budgie would enjoy a lightin' fixture made from one.

Awesome Craft Pins
'ave you ever noticed (yup, still talking with an accent) that Starbucks'
bottled coffee drinks resemble vintage milk bottles?   Re-use 'em for
servin' other types o' drinks.  

Oakland Avenue
My Bucket List will definitely 'ave a vintage
card catalog on it, love.  They're simply brilliant.

Design Sponge
Next time you see a damaged-beyond-repair desk lyin'
beside the road, check to see if tha' drawers are salvageable.  

The Classic Farmhouse

'ere are onions 'angin' in old panty 'ose/stockings.
They'll keep fo' months if stored this way.

Better Homes and Gardens
Wit' tellies growin' larga' and larga', many new models won't fit in traditional entertainment cabinets.  Consida' turnin' one into a laundry or gardenin' station.

Twice Lovely
Another older entertainment center turned into a puppet stage.

Homemaking Cottage
Believe it or not, that's a coffee table painted wit' chalk paint
for littl' uns to use as a craft and drawin' station.  So clever!

If Professor Henry Higgins can turn a street vendor into a duchess then
surely we can perform a few repurposing acts of our own.  Right, oh!


  1. My Gosh, Jan. What a wonderful post full of great features! Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  2. ps. LOVE that old suitcase idea.

  3. Really creative ideas today, Jan! Love that repurposed bird feeder and the old entertainment cabinets. xo

  4. I did smile at your cockney accent running through this post! Hee Hee!! Gorgeous, gorgeous images for us to drool over again, and some really good ideas there as well. Thank you for sharing them with us.