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June 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Summer !!!

Though some (the Webster dictionary people and most Scrabble players)
would disagree, beachification is word and it means: to convert your
home decor to a beach theme through the simple use of beachy items.
Okay, I made that up but how else could I introduce these darling ideas?

What a charming vignette  - vintage swimsuits and a boardwalk pallet.

Beach decor can be a cornucopia of mis-matched
casual - always fun, relaxing and inviting.

A red, white, and blue beach theme is timelessly Ralph Lauren-ish.

What better birthday gift for a beach
loving friend than a bell pull of star fish?!

Light blue walls, white-washed wood finish, and a bowl
of sea shells instantly put you in a Beach State of Mind.

Sally Lee by the Sea

Slipcovers are perfect for 'beach-ifying' any decor.

Cape Cod & Martha's Vinyard

Jane Coslick Cottage Collection
(Ignore the little white Christmas tree (?!)
and concentrate on the striped slipcovers.)

Painted paneling is another simple treatment for 'instant beach' aura.

Salvage Dior
Remove the door of an old cabinet to
make a simple sea shell display case.

I love this bucket-of-sea-shells lamp.

Ocean Offerings
After spray painting an old lamp blue, stencil
sea shells on it in white.  Darling idea!

Jane Coslick Cottage Collection
Painted wrought iron beds have a Suddenly Summer look.

Beige, blues and white combine to create a charming vacation
state-of-mind.  Yes, I've posted this picture before but it's timeless.

Those rods and reels in the corner actually enhance the decor, don't
they?  And it looks as if the owners converted a closet into a display space.

Thibaut Design
Cabana wallpaper by Thibaut is perfect for the bathroom, isn't it?

Home Bunch
That's a heck of a lot of shells on that mirror.

Decor Pad
This tiny guest bath packs a powerful punch.

Home Dressing
The mirror is obviously amazing but
that sea shell border is exceptional.

Every year I say that I'm going to make a sea shell mirror.
Alas, it hasn't happened.  But, this Summer . . . . .


  1. Wonderful beach-y images. My extended family always had vacation beachhouses -- and now, so do we -- and they rarely look(ed) like this!
    Most are repositories of castoffs, and paint jobs with leftover colors. :-)
    But these are certainly lovely to look at. I wonder how much actual sand, salt water, and stinky fish they are subjected to?
    Gorgeous images.

    1. I've been in beach houses that were 'designer perfect' and in ones that were furnished with hand-me-downs, yard sale and flea market finds. The latter is usually more comfortable. When we're on vacation we don't want to feel as if we're company so the casual works better for us. You're right - these photos don't look totally beachified 'cause I don't see sandy sandals parked at the door! Have a great weekend, Jan