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June 25, 2013

The Grammarist states that Gender is increasingly used to refer to a person's maleness or femaleness. Today I'm asking,

"Does Gender play an important part in your decorating scheme?  Do you think 'male or female' when considering an acquisition for your home?"

Definitely mannish but I love the pewter walls, rustic table, and
black and white art.   Would you feel at home in this room?

I've never really thought about it before but I'd say
that a nautical theme leans toward the masculine.

Gender specific?  I think more Gender Compromise.

Quite manly but incredibly interesting, isn't it?

Belgium designer Esther Gutmer is known for her deceivingly
simple contemporary decor with an element of international flavor.
Definitely man-cave material.

The polished concrete floor conveys an
industrial bent in this uncluttered room.

Tins in tins with painted butterflies is a captivating piece of art.
Rust and metal don't necessarily communicate a masculine touch. 

My father collected arrowheads, antique guns,
and vintage tools.  He would have loved this set.

Though feminine pastels were used liberally in retro
mid-century decor, it definitely had a masculine appeal.

An interesting arrangement of portraits and
sketches of men makes a charming presentation.

This room is such a beautiful contradiction
of  elements but it works seamlessly.

Is it sexist to say that animal skulls are a little mannish?

If you're comfortable in your surroundings, that's all
that's really important.  Male?  Female?  Who cares?


  1. Oh my I love those vintage antique tools set.
    amazing home decor pictures.
    have a nice week

    1. I treasure my late father's tools and arrow heads. Dad could fix anything and always had the right tool for the job. Finding antique and vintage tools outside of auctions is rare. Occasionally I'll see a few at estate sales and always think of my father. Thanks for stopping by today, Jan

  2. Your blog is so loaded with inspiration. I love this post, the rooms are so interesting, that I think anyone with an adventurist spirit would like them, man or woman. Also the post before this one . . . so many cool ideas. That plastic spoon light fixture blows my mind. It is gorgeous and would look great in a beach cottage or a tropical themed sun porch. Love the stair-step book shelf so much that I'm looking for a place in my home where I could fit one in. Thanks for sharing all these ideas :) Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Connie, I'm going to try and get my husband to make one of those stair-step book shelves. It is so cool. Thanks for your support! -- Jan

  3. I think about that when I come across a room or apartment that I feel is too much one gender. A bedroom full of roses, angels, pinks and ruffles - or a sterile apartment devoid of color with only hard edges. I prefer a mix.

    1. If I had to choose between a girly-girl room and a more industrial man-cave, I'd probably have to go with the man-cave. Too many roses, angels, lace and ruffles makes me afraid I'm going to break something! -- Jan

  4. I enjoyed this post, though to me most of the rooms were definitely 'masculine', except the lodge photo (3rd down) and the kitchen. Now I'm waiting in anticipation to see some 'feminine' rooms :)


    1. Absolutely - I love the feminine concept that doesn't necessarily mean lace and frills. Working on that post now! Thanks for stopping by, Jan

  5. I agree, Jan. I think it is all about how the decorating "fits" your family. I have feminine places and some more masculine areas and am comfortable in both- xo Diana

  6. Great question! I love the map room, the collections, and the library with the white teapot. I like something in-between.

  7. OMG!! That tool kit?? Love it!! I would display it on the wall and just stroke it every day. Then I would use the tools to do stuff!! LOL
    I believe gender is non specific, in people as much as inanimate objects. If you like it, that's all that matters.
    Love your posts.
    Worthing, UK

  8. wow..what a great question...I'll have to go look!