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December 18, 2015

As the year comes to a close I need to clean out my
Before and After photo file.  So, today we're going
to view a variety of fun and interesting makeovers.

Before               After
An inexpensive little faux tree was spray painted
white and now looks much more classic.

A little side table went from dull to darling:

This damaged chest of drawers was beautifully salvaged:

Before              After

Here's a similar suitcase idea:


 Have I shown you this technique before?
It's brilliant:

Simply tape off the desired design and
brush with steel wool.  Genius, right?!

A pair of end tables were given feet and distressed painted:


A thrift shop framed print, left, received
a holiday spray paint makeover:
Click here for the tutorial and the free printable Ho Ho Ho!

A vintage typewriter table before:
 An adorable typewriter table after:
Yes, spray paint is an amazing thing.

Even the most comfortable desk chairs
can look a little stiff and 'office-y':
 But slip cover one and it blends with the decor:

I'm currently going through a MacKenzie-Childs obsessive
phase and this re-painted pepper grinder caught my eye:

Very rarely will you run across an aluminum
bun warmer at a flea market or thrift shop:

I know, I know - you could have used this idea at Thanksgiving.

Not only is this an outstanding B&A, it would
also make a wonderful Christmas gift:
A Stairway-to-Heaven wall decal!

File this under:  I  WANT  ONE !!!!

Even if you didn't use it for camping, this little Road Warrior would
make a charming guest cottage or studio in the backyard.

And, lastly, let's end our Before and After Year with a very sweet transformation:

The last weekend before Christmas?!  We'd better get busy!


  1. Oh these were great before and after photos. Gotta love that stairway to heaven. And the last picture....oh how sweet. I remember years ago when our daughter brought home a little ball of fur. Several years later, Sam was over 100 lb. Why didn't he look like a shepherd/rottweiler mix!! HaHa....we had him a long time and he was a good dog.

  2. These were so good! How in the world do people think up all these ways of re-doing things.

  3. All these ideas are so super cool! I can't imagine where do people take all these ideas from. Though my co-worker at always does different re-designs from old hings. She does very stylish things. But I really liked the most the last one transformation. )))

  4. what a cute picture of the boy and his dog , love it