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December 10, 2015

The BIG Debate:

A Real Christmas Tree vs an Artificial Christmas Tree
The tree shown above is priced at under $200
and looks almost too perfect, doesn't it?

A real Christmas tree has been a part of our family's holiday
tradition for decades but Bob and I are leaning toward purchasing
an artificial tree.  You're right - we've just about waited too late to
shop for a tree but that's a whole 'nother story.  

Real Tree Pros:
A real tree smells, feels and (even with imperfections)
seems to conveys a natural Spirit of Christmas.

Purchasing a real tree is a family activity - driving to the tree
farm and cutting down a tree or going to a non-profit tree lot
and having the family choose a tree that everyone likes.

After the holidays the ornaments are taken off of a real tree
and it's drug to the street.  The city picks it up and it's dropped
into a lake for the fish to swim around.

Artificial Tree Pro:
An artificial tree, when decorated property, can often 'pass' for a real tree.

Many artificial trees come pre-lit.

An artificial tree looks the same no matter how long it's up.

Even a high-end artificial tree is financially a
better deal as it will be used for many years.

Real Tree Con:
A real tree costs $60 - $100 and is a one shot wonder.

The kids and grandkids visit at Christmas but aren't
here to help pick out a tree or help decorate it.

A real tree often involves shaping the base in order for it to fit
into the tree stand and many of the branches have to be trimmed.

Trimming a real tree with artificial lights can be a pain.

The longer a real tree stands in the house the more brittle the
needles become - by the end of the year many have fallen to the floor.

Artificial Christmas Tree Cons:
An artificial tree has to be assembled but no branches need to be trimmed.

An artificial tree takes longer to disassemble, pack away
in an orderly fashion and store for another year. 

Well, the Artificial Christmas Tree pros 'have it' - we're off to shop for a faux tree.

Here are some photos of artificial trees that look so
much like the real deal that it's hard to tell they aren't:
6' Douglas Fir

7 ft. pre-lit Colorado Spruce

7 ft pre-lit Hayden Pine

Here are some pictures of beautifully decorated artificial trees:




Whether you have a real tree or an artificial tree,
your personal touches are what make it special.


  1. I have had an artificial tree since my oldest child was tiny (he is now 49 years old)...he is allergic to fir/pine trees. I broke down and ordered a new pre-lit one in an urn this year...hope it gets here soon or Christmas will be over! I have always used huge plastic bags to cover them during the "off" season, that way I don't have to put it together each year. It is kept in the basement out of the way until it is summoned upstairs for decorating!

  2. I have had an artificial tree for the past few years, it was not only a financial decision but also easier to put up. I do miss the smell of a real tree so burn candles. In truth for me personally its all about the ornaments rather than the tree.