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April 16, 2013

Alas, it's that time of the month again.  (No, not what you're thinking.)
It's time to ask ourselves - 


Why would you ever think that these "trendy"
designs are appealing or even tolerable?

Seriously?  Blood splatter decals?
                                                    Olive London
 This chair might be appropriate for an
anatomy class but hardly for a living room.

We're going to be very generous and say that this
chair might be okay in a nursery, but, it's probably not:
With an eye on fashion, Australian artist Fiona Roberts pushes the edge
in upholstery taste with this rather
eye-popping velvet fabric.  Actually,
eye can see this being very popular on
college campuses.  Okay,  eye'll stop.

Elle Décor
For some unexplained reason this foyer reminds me of a circus tent.

Two words:  Hangover's Revenge

I think this photo was taken from inside
the shower but, truly, I'm only guessing.

Thrift Shop Romantic

Thom Filicia
There are some nice elements of this bathroom
vanity but I just can't get beyond the eagle.

My first thought was, "What a neatly stacked pallet of flour sacks."
But, no, it's a de$igner $ofa.  Honestly, it i$.

 Pardon me, ma'am, but I think your sofa is leaking:
 A little investigating revealed that Nina Saunders is
a Danish artist, not a furniture designer (you think?!)

Apparently, her Ms. Saunders' creations are for admiring, not for sitting:

I have no words. . . . . moving on . . . . . .

The ugly wallpaper and inappropriate hardware really
detract from this stately, antique built-in sideboard.

What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate . . . . .
. . . . . the size of the mirror and the height of the coffee table.

Oh, dear - how terrible these closet doors must have been 'before'.


I totally appreciate the urge to make a bold
statement but what, exactly, is the statement?

After viewing these photos I'm feeling a lot
more confident about my own style, aren't you?!


  1. Not sure I have a style but I sure have more taste than these photos lol. x

    1. Most of them are pretty gruesome - still can't wrap my head around the blood platter decals. The owners must be watching too much CSI!

  2. Oh dear! I suppose most of these shots could have been put into a Halloween house! The one with the mirror and the table would look more at home in a urinal! I'll stick to my sweet shabby chic. Thanks for sharing these. Chel x

  3. Those decals are indeed dreadful.

  4. I am not a very trendy person... all I can say is hum.

  5. I'm not very adventurous in my decorating style, some might say I'm pretty boring but it's what I like. Definitely would throw everyone for a loop if I suddenly put something like these into our home. Wow! The thought of it ;)

    Just stopping by to thank you for following my blog. I have done the same here as I've enjoyed my visit very much and would like to come back.

  6. really fun and clever post..made me laugh and keep on looking!

  7. Don't you wonder where these designers get their ideas from? And who the heck would want them in their house?