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June 1, 2015

One day last week I was walking Archie and Boswell in the neighborhood and
came across an aquarium with all of the accouterments sitting out on the curb.

It got me to thinking, "Wonder what you could do with an old aquarium?"

Parents of a 2 year old built a Christmas scene in their old aquarium
during the holidays.  It kept little hands from wrecking havoc on
the delicate figurines.  Smart people.

This tank turned on its side makes a super
sophisticated fire wood bin.

Great idea for growing cacti!
(See how I didn't say cactuses.)

With gravel for drainage and rich soil, old aquariums
make excellent mini-herb gardens:

According to orchid aficionados, fish tanks make
excellent 'breeding grounds' for Orchidaceae

From an overhead view you can see that
this fish tank is now a cute fairy garden.

Terrariums are making a come-back.  Just add a glass top to
a fish tank and you have the perfect spot for a tiny jungle.

The metal casing of this fish tank was painted to resemble
aged patina.  The tank is now a decorative accent piece.

This aquarium was upcycled into a portable fire pit:

An unused aquarium is now a much used light box:

A wood base was made to reinforce a tank
that was filled with large smooth rocks:

Reclaimed wood was made into a table top which fits
down onto the tank to make a unique coffee table.

Here it is from another angle:

Maybe you have an aquarium stand but
no longer use it to hold a tank.

Fish tank stand, before: 

Fish tank stand, after:

Here are a few more clever uses for a tank stand:

After finding these ingenious ideas for repurposing an aquarium I wish
I had gone back and picked up the one that was sitting on the curb.

Vous dormez, vous perdez!
(You snooze, you lose!)


  1. Hands off for their wonderful ideas. Really fantastic!!

  2. Oh my GOSH. Never dreamed of using an aquarium for all those things. I LOVED the Christmas scene the best. Oh boy. Wait til I see one at the next yard sale. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Amazing. Susan

  3. Wow, those stands make great tables!

  4. Another wonderful post !
    So much fun.

    cheers, parsnip