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June 18, 2015

Recently we had to have the brakes of our van checked.  While sitting
in the waiting area of the repair shop I noticed a large glass bowl on
the counter.  It contains objects that the staff has pulled out of tires!

Not only did these items cause tire damage, they also
had the ability to cause more serious problems.

It got me to wondering,
"What other kind of stuff gets stuck in tires?"

This tire passed through a construction zone and picked up a "passenger": 

What looked like an innocuous, small brad:
turned out to be a 3 inch long bolt:

Yup, a bullet was pulled from this tire.

It would be a little hard to not see a wrench stuck in your bike tire.

This rivet ended up costing the driver $198 for a new tire.

For over 15 years, Jerry Lokey of TDS in Nashville, TN, has collected
objects found in damaged tires - everything from railroad spikes to bullets.

Even though it wasn't stuck in the tire, a basketball
somehow got jammed into the tire well.

If you pull something out of your tire without the help of a
professional, remember - duct tape doesn't fix everything:

Get it fixed!

Checking the tires for damage can improve our safety and if caught early,
save money on repairs.  In addition to looking for embedded objects, we 
need to keep our tires inflated to the proper pressure to save money on gas 
and improve our miles-per-gallon (MPG).
Luckily, this beast was pulled out of the tire
without damage to either one.  And that's no bull!


  1. Yikes, that poor bull...glad I wasn't the one to take that tire off!

  2. I have a small leak on one of my tires and I have a feeling I may have a nail or something stuck in my tire. I need to get it fixed soon.

  3. Okay, this is amazing! Reminds me of when my sister was young and got a job at a poultry plant...cutting gizzards. She collected nuts, bolts, nails, etc., items the chicken had swallowed and was stuck in its gizzard. Poor chicken.

  4. It is interesting what we can find inside a tire that has been punctured. Wow.

  5. Had my tire repairs just the other day. I came out of the store, SAW the "tack", almost pulled it out myself and devices to drive directly to the tire store. So glad I didn't pull it out! It was huge!
    This post is a Public Service post!

  6. Just amazing.
    Forget construction zones, just follow and old smoke belching Toyota truck with two guys pretending to be gardeners or any truck with a repair man.
    Stuff flies off their trucks all the time.

    cheers, parsnip