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June 17, 2015

Being a Shoe Hound isn't a new phenomenon!

Today's post features a collection of shoes and a custom trunk ordered
by prominent New York socialite Rita de Acosta Lydig in 1914.
Lydig commissioned several hundred pairs of custom-made shoes from
Piertro Yantony, a gifted shoemaker with an exclusive pre-WWI clientele. 

 Ms. Lydig required a pair of custom shoes for
every outfit (tailor-made, of course!) she owned.
Made from velvet, lace, damask and embroidery,
many of the shoes were worn only once.

Good news - there's no medical term for an obsession with shoes.
Whew!  That's a relief for many of us.

Note:  This is NOT  my closet.  If it were, the
shelves would be filled with antique china.

Many years ago my Mom told me, "We spend
our money on things that are important to us."

While that seems like a simple statement,
it rings truer the more you think about it.

So if you're a Shoe Hound, hang on to your footwear collection.
Your great-grandchildren, like Rita Lydig's, will thank you.