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June 22, 2015

Found Object Art - what's old is new again

The Found Object Art Movement can best be described as art
created from objects that aren't normally considered art.  One
of the earliest examples was created by Pablo Picasso in 1912.
He pasted an image of a chair caning onto one of his painting
and simply titled it Still Life With Chair Caning:
This early work led to an entirely new genre of mixed
media art.  But, back to Found Objects . . .  .

San Francisco artist Max Rippo created a unique piece of art
using old signs, a mirror, and various other discarded items.

Found Object Art can be whimsical:

Or it can be useful:
as shown in this driftwood light fixture.

At first glance, this creation might seem
like a waste of beautiful vintage jewelry:
Etsy Link
But it was created to celebrate someone's 50th birthday.

Here's another mixed media collage that
seems to tell a story of someone's life:
Etsy Link
Found Object Art tells a story but often the story is a mystery coyly kept
secret by the artist who wants the viewer to make their own interpretation.

This piece is titled Wrap It Up, Comfort and Joy:
Possibly a statement on our society's excesses during the
Christmas season?  The 'angel' does look pretty tired.

When I first saw this little guy I thought, "Kitchen Viking":

The artist calls this piece Robot Mars Car:
I'd call it Waste of Vintage Iron and Skates.

Creativity, repurposing and Industrial Chic came
together to produce a charming desk lamp:
I like it.

A folk art rabbit on a stand was painted with a red target and drilled
with simulated bullet holes to show our culture's violence
against innocent, small animals.  I get it.

A Found Object Texture Collage incorporates
several genres into one piece:

Some found object pieces are simply fun
and colorful wall hangings.

I think we would all agree that this lovely painting by Lloyd Nelson Grofe
depicts an historic brick home in the country:
Not a lot of deep thinking, just a lot of serene
appreciation of the artist's muted palette.

Found Object Art, on the other hand, can impart
a sense of tension and unease:


On a Monday morning I prefer the serene appreciation of a
peaceful countryside more than I need the self-realization of
society's excesses and violence.  But I'm no art critic.

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  1. This was fun! And perhaps you really are an art critic. I had to laugh at "Waste of vintage iron and skate."