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November 21, 2013

Hands down, this is one of the greatest Christmas Eve gift ideas ever:

A Waiting for Santa surprise box!

Little ones are allowed to open this special package the night before Christmas.
It contains new pajamas, hot chocolate mix, pop corn - you can personalize the
contents to make it a memorable night.  How 'bout packing a special plate and
glass for Santa's cookies and milk or a copy of The Night Before Christmas?
Another darling Christmas tradition is to make p.j. pants for the entire
family.  Nancy at My Cotton Creations offers a super simple tutorial
for making pajamas pants for the entire family. 
  Turn this:                                                          into these:            My Cotton Creations

What an E & C (Economical and Clever) gift to give an entire family.
All you need to know is Small, Medium, or Large!

Why am I posting this idea so early in the season?  So that you can
be on the lookout for fabric sales, of course!
See you tomorrow for some holiday Befores & Afters.


  1. Really neat ideas! I love the one about the gift to open on Christmas Eve!

  2. It would be a sweet tradition to start, wouldn't it? And a great gift idea from the grandparents or someone with a special relationship to the children. -- Jan

  3. Really cute idea. Love the wreaths in your previous post, too. xo

  4. What great ideas - I might put one into action this year, tweaked for the summer of course.


  5. I LOVE this!!! Definitely stealing this idea :-)

  6. I have done this every year since my first grandchild was born. It is always so much fun-we go to each house to "deliver" the "present". xo Diana

    1. I love it! What wonderful memories the grandchildren will have and I'm sure it's one of the highlights of the Christmas season for you. -- Jan

  7. Great ideas! A friend of mine buys matching pajamas for three generations and has a big sleepover on Christmas Eve.

    1. What a wonderful tradition - I'm sure the 'big' kids enjoy it as much as the little ones! -- Jan