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November 20, 2013

I know, I know - I'm posting so many Christmas craft and repurposing
ideas and we haven't even savored Thanksgiving.  Well, kids, we bloggers
can juggle a watermelon, a raw egg and a running chain saw (youngsters
call it multi-tasking!) and it's never too early to prep for the Yule.

That being said, if you're thinking of replacing
last year's door wreath, you'll enjoy today's post:
DIY Christmas Wreaths

Martha Stewart

Kim Kasch

Etsy Source
Pieces of reclaimed wood make an eloquent and simple wreath.

Finding Home Online

Twigs!   I love this woodsy idea.

House of 34
The roses on this garland wreath are made
from yellowed sheet music.  Charming.

Everlasting Wreaths
Red and green felt squares glued to a foam wreath covered
in white give the impression of an argyle sweater.

Elizabeth Dulemba
Oooh, a tinselly wreaths!

Fairly simple instructions for making a
wreath with Christmas ball ornaments:
Crafty Crafts

A craft basket with a glue gun and refill glue sticks makes a GREAT
Christmas gift for the young, beginner crafter.  We all have the opportunity
to raise a life-long crafter by giving a 'starter kit' to a pre-teen.

 Martha Stewart


Who says a wreath has to be round?
These are repurposed picture frames:

Who says a wreath has to be, well, a wreath?!

Inspiring Home Style

Friends, have a great Wednesday.


  1. So much inspiration...thanks, Jan!

    1. Thanks! I love the Christmas holiday so much that I think I could blog about it every day of the year. It makes me happy to share these ideas! -- Jan

  2. I love wreaths. I especially like the one with mittens.

    I think the peppermint one is so pretty, but I find it strange that no one has ever said that it melts if you take off the wrappers. I made something from candy canes when I lived in So Cal and what a mess. The candy needs to stay inside the wrapper. I'm not sure if it is related to the humidity, the temperature, or the ombination as to why it drips.

    1. Thanks for the information - I never even thought about the folks who live in warm climates. What a sticky mess it would be to have melted peppermint running down your front door!

  3. OK you got me in the mood to do a cookie cutter wreath for my kitchen LOL
    aren't those cute?????

    1. And a bag of aluminum cookie cutters isn't that expensive. Such a cute idea!

  4. Jan- There are some WONDERFUL wreaths here. I forgot that I had saved that mitten arrangement (last pic) to try this year for our inside garage door. It is really cute and simple- xo Diana

    1. Last year I also posted one that I'm going to try - vintage ice skates tied by the laces and containing cedar branches. But, of all the ones in today's post I like the mittens best.

  5. Love the cookie cutter wreaths! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such fab ideas, thank you! Love the cookie cutter wreaths -they're quite unique. Xx

  7. Hi Jan! Fabulous ideas for decorating with a flair, love them all! The white pine cone with red cardinals is definitely my fav. The trees around her have scads of those cones on the ground. I see another project on my "dead sea scroll" list of things to do.
    (My hubby calls my list that. He's actually right.)

    Have a great Thanksgiving! It's right around the corner!!
    Blessings, Edie Marie