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November 4, 2013

Don't freak out when I tell you this, okay?

There are only 7 more Mondays 'til Christmas.
Yes, it's true.

So until December 23rd we've devoting Repurposeful Mondays
to repurposing Christmas gift ideas.  Truly, it's going to be okay.

Create a memory necklace with charms and
buttons.  What a beautifully personal creation.

Recycle old necklace parts and buttons - charming and unique!

Why pay $110 for these watch work cuff links?
Navy Crockett
Pick up a few old watches at a thrift shop and, using a glue
gun, adhere the interior works to a pair of vintage cuff links.

Repurpose the watch faces into earrings.

Ask aunts, uncles, siblings and grandparents to donate unused watches
that can be transformed into a young family member's first watch:

Scrap wood and a vintage telephone pole
insulator make a charming votive holder:

Repurpose vegetables?  No, silly.  Repurpose scrap fabric into a rag basket:
Click here for the tutorial and start cutting old
sheets and pillowcases into strips of 'yarn'.

We're seeing all kinds of things made from old t-shirts.
This washable hot pad/trivet is one of the cutest:

All you need to make an adorable place mat are colorful
old t-shirts, cardboard and string.  And scissors.

Click here for easy instructions.

eyeSpy Baby
Create a darling little t-shirt dress out of a regular long sleeve
tee shirt; add a waist band and skirt from Mom's and Dad's t-shirts.

When a baby is born have family members donate a
used pair of old, soft jeans and turn them into bibs:

Anyone on your holiday gift list that likes music from the 50's and 60's?
Purchase vintage records at a flea market (often for less than a $1 each),
glue felt on the 'B' side and, voila, Rock 'n Roll coasters:

Sweaters and dress shirts can also be repurposed
into sophisticated wine and liquor bottle wraps:

Fresh Eggs Daily

Turn a friend's 'beverage of choice' into a unique soap dispenser:

Black Eiffel
Is there someone on your shopping list who likes to sew, crochet
or knit? Create a stitching carrier out of a vintage suitcase.

And how cute would it be to top off the
stitching carrier with a tape measure bow?!

Do you know your loved one's, co-worker's, or friend's favorite book?
Find a hardbound edition at a thrift store and turn it into a clock:

Maybe you could turn their favorite book into an art or note case:

Every refrigerator needs magnets:
Obstinate Pursuit
Create a personalized bottle cap magnet for every month of the year.

DIY Inspired
Instead of sending Christmas cards with family pictures on
them, create magnets with the photos and the 'giftee' will enjoy
them all year long.

If you have a hard-to-shop-for person on your gift list why not give their
pet a gift instead?  These adorable pet beds were made from chairs:

Somethin' Salvaged

How amazing would it be to have all of your gift wrapping supplies
in one portable place?  Something that you can just roll into a
closet and out again when needed:

2 Little Hooligans
Yea, pretty amazing.  This is definitely a great
year 'round gift idea, not just for the holidays.

Do you save your change throughout the year?  Use those
pennies and a thrift shop vase to make a one-of-a-kind gift:
We Heart It
This is also a great supervised gift-making idea for older children.  Show
them that their saved pennies can be used to make a special surprise.

All cooks love fresh herbs.  Grow your
gifts and plant them in vintage tins:

House and Home
Vintage Christmas tins would be even cuter for the holidays.
Fly Trap

Not only are today's repurposed gift ideas economical, they show that
thought and planning went into customizing each one for the recipient.

See, it's going to be okay.


  1. All wonderful ideas! Thank you.

  2. Lots of good ideas here. I really love that soap dispenser!:-)

  3. Thanks, but only 7 Mondays!?! That's NOT okay! Eeeeeekkkk!!!

  4. Oh my gave me so many to put it all together. Thank you for a great share, Hugs, mary

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