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November 6, 2013

Short of giving gold ingots as Christmas presents, most gifts don't increase in value.

But have you considered giving vintage toys as gifts?

According to Babble here are some of the
'hottest' collectible toys for the next few years:
You don't need the original box for an early edition of the
Fisher Price Little People Farm to be worth at least $100.

And the Little People Village lists for $150:

While browsing through one of my favorite thrift shops
a few months ago I came across this plastic bag: 

It contained an original 1966 Fisher Price Music Box Ferris Wheel
and was priced at $3.00!  I jumped on it like a duck on a June bug.

Depending on condition (this one is perfect), prices range
from $20 to $70 if all of the little people are included.

The next time you're out thrifting and run across small metal vehicles,
turn them over.  If any of them say Tootsie Toys, buy them.
These 4 are priced at $20.

Remember this guy?
A Fisher Price pull behind vintage Bloodhound
is priced at $30+ in most antique shops.

My older brother had one of these and he wouldn't let me
play with it.  Today, even in poor condition, it's worth $150.

Originally priced at $9.95, this 1985 Hulk Hogan doll is worth $50:

It's not uncommon to find Dinky cast iron toys for sale
at yard sales and the occasional flea market for under $10:
This vintage AMX tank in the box is priced online at $30.00.

From 1985, this troll doll is worth $50:
Imagine how much the original ones from the 60s are worth!

This 2½" Onion Skin Blizzard Marble
from the 1960's sold at auction for $9,975:

Did you know that there is an entire industry based on vintage marbles?
There's an American Toy Marble Museum and magazines and books
devoted to the subject.  The next time you're at a yard sale ask the sellers
if they have any marbles they'd like to sell.  Most people think they're
not worth setting and you might just find a jewel.

Do you recognize these figurines?
Colgate Palmolive made bubble bath toys in the 1960s called Soakys.
This lot is priced at $200.  Few people know their worth so dig through
boxes of loose toys the next time you're at a flea market or yard sale
and you could run across one of these gems.

Priced at $35, this vintage tin Litho wind up
music maker will only increase in value:

Believe it or not, old black and white photos of
Christmas time events are extremely collectible:

This photo was taken on Christmas morning of 1900 at 7 Hawthorn
Street, Dayton, Ohio - at the home of Wilbur and Orville Wright,
three years before their famous flight.

Imagine how valuable those toys from 1920 would be today.

In 1921 bicycles were just as popular as they are today.

Times haven't changed.  This young lad is looking
longingly at a window display in 1910:

A lucky young boy found these treasures under the tree in 1951:
What a haul!

If you haven't previously considered giving vintage and collectible toys
as gifts, think about it.  Not only are they different and unique, they just
might be worth a lot more in the future.


  1. I enjoyed these photos showing toys from the past. I remember quite a few of them from when my kids were small.

  2. Love all these old toys. Oldies but goodies. Lots of memories here. xo

  3. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting.
    My son has a Hulk Hogan Doll but without the shirt from the eightys too
    My daughter has a Troll Doll Lamp. form the eightys too

  4. Oh What a fun post, Jan. I had the first three Fisher Price toys and have given them to my kids now. We also had one of the pups but I don't know what happened to that. Great post- xo Diana

  5. We had that Fisher Price Farm Set - minus the silo and fence - when our three girls were small. It was well-loved, as you might imagine, and wasn't exactly intact when we were finished with it.

  6. We had the farm set too when my girls were young. I think one of them still has it.

  7. My husband has many of his toys from the sixties and early seventies, and he packed away all the things we bought for our own children. Perhaps not as silly as I once thought!

  8. I just sent a link to my friend who collects vintage Little People.

  9. Great post! I think I am getting old! Most of the toys I remember playing with. And I think most of them are still packed away in my parents attic!

  10. Oh dear! I sold a farm set like the one at the top for $45 and thought I had cashed in! I'm going to start looking for more toys today! Thanks for all the good info.

  11. I got that farm set when I was in kindergarten. It remained my favorite toy for years and years after that. I still smile every time I see it anywhere <3

  12. Adorable toys you have for Christmas! It’s look very playful especially for the kids! Thanks you for sharing!