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November 22, 2013

Yes, today is the Friday-before-Thanksgiving but stay calm, take a
deep breath, and let's enjoy a few holiday Before & After projects.
 Turn these:                 into these:

Perk up an old wreath with a few embellishments:
Before                                                           After

Maybe you just want to start from scratch:

Use leftover Christmas ornaments and materials to liven up a light fixture:

Make a charming star using cardboard,
plastic shopping bags and twine:

Jenn Lee
Click here for the super easy tutorial.

Got fabric scraps?
Turn an ordinary ornament, like the one on the left, into a country ornament,
like the one on the right.  How?  Cut fabric scraps into 1" x ½" rectangles, fold
in half, twist the fold, dab it with a hot glue gun and stick to the ornament. 

Is the gold reindeer a little garish for your taste? Turn a pair
into Christmas mantel trophies with a can of white spray paint:


Instead of using a twinkly wire reindeer on the front lawn . . . . .

. . . use just the head over the mantel:
Decor 4 Poor

Who doesn't have a few old nutcrackers lying
at the bottom of the Christmas ornament box?

A little white spray paint will give them an entirely new look.

After looking at this Christmas tree placement I say, "Leave it up all year!"

What do I love about this faux-embroidery Christmas tree?

No needles to sweep up!
(And you can store it under the bed.)

Gosh, to be so brave!  Not only did these folks paint their kitchen red,
they carried the color into their dining room through the archway.

The Everyday Home

A traditional and colorful little tree
enhances a modern chic dining room:

I love the stenciled candles on the table.

Oooh, I've been waiting all year to share this photo with you:
 Why?  Because it shows what you can do with plain white bed sheets.
Scour yard sales and thrift shops for sheets that can be bleached at home
then pin/cover restaurant-style chairs and top with red fabric bows.

Photo Source
Another tip:  don't walk by the rack of formal evening gowns
at Goodwill or other thrift shops.  Maybe the gowns can be
'dis-assembled' and the fabric used to make holiday bows.

Last night we popped into Home Depot to check out countertop microwaves.
Guess what we discovered?  They were already offering Black Friday bargains!

We purchased a $140 Magic Chef microwave for $79 - that's over 50% off!   If you thought holiday bargains begin the day after Thanksgiving, think again. 

Pace yourselves, friends, and have a great weekend!


  1. So Much Eye Candy! Thank you for all the holiday inspiration. I really like the little extra touches to turn an ordinary wreath into a gorgeous holiday welcome piece :) No need to spend a lot of money.
    Great post!
    Keep Smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. I agree - wreaths really haven't changed much over the years so updating one that you already have makes Cents! Hope you have a great weekend, Connie. -- Jan

  2. I love all of the makeovers especially the kitchen one.

    1. Isn't that red in the kitchen amazing? I'm too much of a decorating coward to attempt something so startling but these folks really pulled it off. -- Jan

  3. lots of holiday cleverness here!

  4. If you hadn't followed me I would not have found your fabulous site. Thanks. Lovely ideas and that's just the first post I've looked at !! I've put your blog on my FB page. Lots of friends may be interested!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Thrift and repurposing were ingrained in me at a very young age and I love sharing ideas. -- Jan