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November 19, 2013

Photography is a very personal form of art, especially when it's
given as a gift.  Today's post? Ideas for handmade photo crafts.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to transfer a photo onto fabric.

Large wood-composite letters, available at most craft
stores, are great for creating a photo decoupage gift:

Building blocks make charming photo displays.
What a cute nursery idea.

Silhouettes are easy to make - take a side photo of the subject
and print it out; cut out the profile and trace it onto black paper. 

Memory photo quilts are some of the most endearing gifts to give and
wonderful to receive.  Most only require a basic knowledge of sewing.


Memory quilts can be displayed in many ways but one
of the most popular is to simply hang one as a banner.

What a clever idea for vacation photos:

A courtship quilt makes a treasured wedding gift.

This wonderful memory quilt shows a family's
children sitting on Santa's lap for 12 years:
Susan Stewart made one of the most amazing memory quilts that I've
ever seen.  It was created for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary:
The quilt looks like a book case holding framed family
photos but it's actually all fabric.  Click here to read
Susan's story behind this heart felt, hand crafted gift.
Gifts of photography are truly timeless treasures.
Tuesday's Miss Money Pitt Update:
When the renovation of our Mid-Century Modern beauty began hubby
and I made the rather huge decision NOT to tackle the kitchen at this time.
The solid oak cabinets are lovely, if a little dated; the floor is laminate
(a LOT dated) but in good condition; and the appliances are acceptable.
So, this past week we've been patching and painting the walls
of the kitchen - powdering her nose for the Big Debut which will
be in the next 2 weeks, fingers and toes crossed.
It's almost time to call the moving truck!


  1. My mother actually has a patent on this process and her business of 17 years called Fabric's so interesting for me to see how it has all evolved given today's new gadgets, etc. I am so proud of her for her huge vision and creative mind! This post was especially cool for me!

    1. How amazing! Your Mom is certainly a far-sighted woman. Today's quilting projects are so innovative, especially the photo quilts. Imagine wrapping yourself in memories on a cold Winter night.

  2. So much inspiration . . . thank you :)

    1. Aren't these photo quilts great? So imaginative.

  3. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for m88