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November 25, 2013

We all know that holidays can be stressful and one of the best tips for retaining (finding?!) your sanity is to stick to a schedule.  So we're sticking to our schedule
with a Repurposeful (Christmas Craft) Monday.

Dig through the toy box for old building blocks.
They're great material when it comes to crafts.

Can you guess what these blocks are mounted on?
 It's from the inside of an old coffee percolator.  (Young
people might have to look up the definition of 'percolator!)

Scrabble tiles are so useful, aren't they?
Fresh Eggs Daily

Wire a set of vintage cookie cutters together
to create a primitive snowman:


Know what's in the bag?  Last year's Christmas tree needles!
Create Studio
Removing a dried out Christmas tree can be quite messy.  These
tips from Creative Studio will help minimize the mess while
showing you how to harvest the needles to make potpourri.

Crayons, a bar-b-que grill, a bow, and a glue gun - instant wreath!
Etsy Source

Don't walk past that box of old tarnished flatware at the flea market:

Ma Voie Lactee
A spoonful of Patience, Hope, Respect,
and Kindness is the best medicine.

The simple ingredients needed to make a precious garland?  Silver
spray painted macaroni and red and white twine with a dash of glitter!

Tiny Prints

Purchasing a ceramic-drill bit will be well worth the investment
when you create these darling little tea cup ornaments:

Charming Christmas

I was never good at math but I know that a tarnished silver plated butter dish + a vintage salt shaker + a chandelier prism = a one-of-a-kind beautiful ornament! 
Organized Clutter Queen


 Don't toss out that old metal tape measure:
My Salvaged Treasures
We take old wood measuring sticks for granted, don't we?!

 Oh, the beauty of twine and a glue gun:
 Do you have an old Jenga game lying around? 

The blocks are ideal for making message ornaments:

 Chicken wire at Christmas?  Yes!

THIS is why you should save all of the
little white buttons that cross your path!

You can re-use the buttons year-after-year
to create a different style of ornament.
Vintage sewing supplies are the foundation of these charming ornaments. 
  Old sweaters can be repurposed to 'slip cover' ornaments you already have:

Or make stuffed ornaments out of them:
 Look very closely at these quilted ornaments:

Fooled you!  They're not quilted at all, just pieces of fabric,
paper, maps, and pages out of a book that were folded and glued.
You can use any material that can be folded.  Click here
for the tutorial of this brilliant idea.
 Inexpensive blank craft balls are instantly
transformed via Christmas carol sheet music:

 Crafters have been repurposing damaged quilts for years:

 How cute is this Santa funnel bell?

 What's great about this idea is that you don't have to actually paint
the funnel - you can decoupage it with a design from wrapping paper:
 Vintage keys make a darling snowflake:


 Don't be so quick to toss out old, outdated ornaments.
Turn these:                                     into this:

Create a Christmas topiary out of them.  Click here for the instructions.

 Do you have an old lamp shade just sitting around doing nothing?
Put it to work!  Remove the fabric to expose the frame:

 Twigs, twine, a few pine needles and buttons - viola!

 I saved my favorite (and the easiest!) repurposing idea for last:
 Such a simple ornament idea but so charming.

I had so much fun composing this post for you today.
And almost everyone of these crafts were created from
materials found at thrift shops and flea markets.
Hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. Some fantastic ideas here ... a couple I am going to be trying out for sure!

  2. WOW!!! This is the best grouping of Christmas Craft ideas that i've seen. Thanks for all the eye candy and creative inspiration :)

  3. Great ideas...I love the tree made out of the blocks and the Noel sign using the rack from an old pan, think I have one of those in my cupboard!

  4. So many fun, fun ideas.

    I laughed because several of the ideas are things I made about 30 years ago. Trends come and go and return again.

  5. So many wonderful ideas!! Thank you!

  6. Hi Jan, thanks for the follow to my blog and welcome! I love all these ornament ideas. Thanks for sharing them. Julie at

  7. Such great and simple ideas. Christmas decorating doesn't have to be expensive. Fun :)


  8. These are all so wonderful ~ the creativity is amazing. Loved the vintage blocks ~ perfect for Christmas!

  9. You've put up some great ideas. I love the silver bowties on red/white twine. How simple and how cute is that!!! Thank you.