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October 28, 2013

Repurposing Entertaining Ideas

The entertaining season is upon us and today's post features charming
and unique ideas to help make your hosting experience a lot of fun.

For casual dining a buffet is a popular serving choice.  Place a
vintage kindergarten chair on the table to display a dish - delicious! 

Isn't this a clever way to serve baked garlic cilantro
fries?  Click here for the easy and delicious recipe.

Looking for a unique place card idea?  Bundle each guest's flatware with a
ribbon then place the name card in the tines of the dinner or salad fork.

Instead of place cards, dip the bottoms of wine glasses in black chalk
paint; when dry, write each guests' name on it and place at their seat.

Instead of napkin rings print your own utensil
wrappers which display the dinner menu.

Here are a few more clever ideas for displaying the menu:

Centerpiece ideas

For small dinner parties purchase 6 to 8 live orchids and group in a large bowl.
When each couple or individual guest leaves give them an orchid as a hostess gift.

Keep centerpieces simple by using one kind of flower.  Place
in cans covered in left over gift wrapping paper and ribbons.

Mix vegetables with fresh cut flowers!  This 'vase'
is a coffee can wrapped with vintage ledger paper:

Make unique table lights with a wineglass, a votive, and
a home made lamp shade that matches the cloth napkins.

Craft shops sell many beautiful types of heavy
paper which is ideal for making lamp shades.

Although this might seem like a great Summer time
serving idea, a patio party in the Fall is also a lot of fun.

An entertainment armoire makes a great serving center.

Few hosts and hostesses would disagree - when planning an entertainment
keep it simple.  You'll be more relaxed as will your guests.  Enjoy yourself!


  1. These are all wonderful ideas!

    1. Aren't they ingenious? And most are so simple and easy to do - my kind of entertaining!

  2. Replies
    1. After many years of observation I've discovered that most clever ideas really are economical, too.

  3. Replies
    1. And, it's portable! Great for icing down drinks or oysters on the shell. -- Jan

  4. All great ideas, but I really like the chalkboard paint on the bottom of the glasses, and I also like the glasses used as lamps.

    1. I love those glasses, too - such a great idea.