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October 1, 2013

Remember last January when I posted about our move from Florida back
home to North Alabama?  And remember I mentioned the country house
we bought and that I was going to post my decorating experiences?

Well, it didn't happen.  The posting, that is.  We did move back
to Alabama and we did buy a very nice house in the country.
Unfortunately, it just wasn't The House. 

So, for the last few months, hubby and I have looked for a house
that I can state without a doubt, "THIS is My Forever Home!"

And we found her.  Friends, please meet:

Miss Money Pit, ca 1960
She's a Mid-Century Modern Faded Beauty

When Bob and I began re-searching for our Forever Home (for the second
time in less than a year) we drew up a list of non-negotiable 'must haves':

               o  in town and convenient to everything
               o  one story on a flat lot
               o  no major repairs needed
               o  not many trees (hubby hates raking leaves)
               o  a nice fenced in back yard for Archie and Boswell
               o  definitely within our budget

And the results:  1 out of 6!

She's located in a super convenient and charming tree-lined neighborhood in town.  But she also needs a complete overhaul, is on the side of a very woodsy mountain lot with no fenced in back yard and she was a teeny weeny bit over our budget.

View from the front porch

Miss M.P., as we affectionately refer to her, was hung up in an
estate settlement and basically was left abandoned for a couple of years.

She needs massive doses of TLC and a happy family to appreciate her
quirks and proclivities (along with a competent contractor, an energized
electrician, a punctual plumber, a rock solid roofer, a sensitive sheet
rocker, a patient painter, and a long-suffering landscaper who has
experience taming a jungle.)

The back yard - maybe we'll go into the English Ivy farming business.

So, there you have it.  I don't know what you'll be doing for the next
year but you definitely know what I'll be doing.  Tuesdays will be
Update Day here at fleaChic where I'll keep you apprised of our progress.

See you tomorrow but for today let's appreciate the wonders of October.


  1. Oh it is beautiful already....nice bones!!! Can't wait to see the updates...:))))

    1. I'm going to stick to my promise about regular updates. Hopefully, that will keep us on track.

  2. Well 1 out of 6 isn't bad! She is a beauty though, and in a wonderful setting. I can't wait to see more.

    1. There's so much potential there - I just hope we can do her justice.

  3. Gorgeous! Is it 2 stories? I love the setting...

    1. Yes - and Hubby and I emphatically agreed that our final home should be a one story! Thankfully, there's a large guest room suite downstairs even though the master bdrm is upstairs. Maybe we should consider turning it into a Bed and Breakfast . . . . .

  4. What a gorgeous setting. I look forward to seeing how all your plans come together. Jx

    1. It definitely will be an adventure. We hope to stay on track with the renovation and posting updates will keep out feet to the fire.

  5. Hi Jan! Oh my, I chuckled through your entire post, what a fun way with words you have! I love the name 'Money Pit', but it looks like it will be totally worth it. I would sit outside and sip coffee looking at that backyard for hours. Yeah, I'm that lazy! LOL!

    Looking forward to pics from the inside too :)

    1. Honestly, we're tempted to leave the backyard untamed. There is an abundance of wildlife - deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. I almost hate to reclaim their paradise.

  6. I can see why you threw all caution to the wind on this charming home! It's wonderful and in such a pretty setting. I am looking forward to seeing how you give her some TLC. I know it will be beautiful. Congratulations! xo

    1. Thanks - we feel at peace with the decision. My husband is retired from the Air Force and moving every 2 to 3 years feels normal to him. There are enough renovations to keep us busy well into old age!

  7. Thanks so much! Just wish we had taken on such a big project in the Summer instead of the Fall. Our goal is to have her 'presentable' by Thanksgiving.

  8. I love your money pit! Thanks for designating one day a week. I'm really bad about posting updates.

  9. Oh WOW! I just visited and went back a few postings! Looks as if me and you and hubbys will be doing renovation work over the next many months to come! Hubby and I purchased a "cottage".....a true "cottage"! SMALL....but I love her! One floor living on an acre! We must keep each other informed.....we haven't took possession yet, but soon! I will be staying in touch especially on Tues!! Blessings~~~Roxie p.s. your posting was sooo sweet about her...your "money pit"! I CAN SEE the potential! It's going to be beautiful!