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October 18, 2013

For a room that is definitely a necessity, bathrooms have never received much publicity.  According to The Toilet Museum the first movie to even show a toilet was Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho.

The first television program that showed a commode was a 1957 episode of Leave It To Beaver (Wally hid a baby alligator in the tank of the toilet.)  And it wasn't until the 1971's All In The Family that a cast member of a television show said that they were going to use the bathroom.

So what does this trivia have to do with today's post?  Well, nothing, actually.
But it's a good lead in to our Before & After projects - bathroom renovations!

Let's start with several transformations that
were featured in Better Homes and Gardens:

Even though this first project looked a little flashy, I
didn't think it really needed a re-do until I saw the results:
Before                                   After

The tub re-do of the same bathroom:
Before                                  After

Much better!

This is a dramatic change and I especially like that they
didn't have to replace the mirror, just spray painted it:

I love how they camouflaged the radiator:
Before                                                  After

Isn't it nice that they kept the vintage feel of the bathroom below?
Before                                    After

Can't decided if I like the two wall colors but the cabinets are awesome:
Before                                                    After

Talk about packing a punch into a small space:
Before                                                      After

What do you think about having one long mirror?
Before                                           After

Golly, what a transformation:
Before                      After

This is a shot of the tub from the same bathroom:
Before                                                    After

Do you like the concept of the open cabinet?
Before                                      After

You'd definitely have to keep it neat and organized.

It doesn't show it in the After but I hope they removed the telephone!
Before                                          After

Amazing change, isn't it?
Before                                            After

Which would you prefer to face first thing in the morning?

Me, too - definitely the After!

This little bathroom was quite dreary:
Before                                                    After

But look how sunny it is now.

Sometimes the smallest change can make a huge impact.  The mirror
in this bathroom was just that - a plain mirror with no frame.

All the homeowners did was frame around the existing large mirror.
It looks as if they replaced the dated light fixture, too.  Nice job!

Tilt mirrors are quite popular now:
Before                                                      After

Even though this next makeover is much improved I don't think the
owners are going to be too happy with the cabinet over the sink.
I had one similar to this once and every time I bent over to wash my
face I hit my head on the mirror!

I hope you enjoyed looking at today's bathroom Before and After transformations.
Have a great weekend.


  1. I love that long mirror. Isn't it funny how in the pic where the mirror was spray painted, the 'busy' pattern on the before shot makes the space look small, yet in the small space lower down, the after pic has a 'busy' pattern that makes the space look larger! One of my pet hates is seeing the loo seat left open. I don't know why this offends me so much, lol.

    1. I agree - the seat should be down and I really want to keep the bathroom door closed all the time. My main requirement for a bathroom is for it to be calm and serene - I'm just not into busy patterns early in the morning! And I like lots of towel racks/bars. Many years ago I read where Jackie Onasis had heated towel bars and I thought that was the height of luxury! -- Jan

  2. Wow, lots of inspiration. My problem with our bathrooms is mainly size. We have a bath and a half and although they are both very functional, they are as small as they can be and still have the basic bathroom features. There is no way to enlarge without adding on to the house . . . and that's a huge make-over :) Keeping it simple and no big designs, that's my style for small bathrooms. Thanks for the tour, it was fun.
    Have a grand weekend,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Right behind kitchens bathrooms are so expensive to remodel. My Mom decided to do away with a laundry closet to expand one of her bathrooms and just that small amount of space made a lot of difference. I'm with you - simple is best! -- Jan

  3. Bathrooms are the one room that everyone uses and sees, so I think keeping them updated is very important! Love these - such simple changes make such a difference. Thanks for the tip on not putting the cabinet above the sink...I was thinking of doing that and so glad I saw this post! Hope you have a nice weekend! Hugs xoxo Karen

  4. Amazing transformations! There is just no doubt about it....even if you built your house new in 1980, it needs to be updated! Can you imagine the germs on that telephone and cord? yuck.

  5. amazing ideas, somethings that i just wouldnt in a million years have thought about! i started to follow you could you follow me back please
    thanks so much

    The Housekeeper

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