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October 31, 2013

After much pleading from my two assistants, Boswell and Archie,
agreed to post their 'ScalaWAG' pirate costumes and the card that
they sent to their vet.

Today's post features clever and inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas.
I hope you find these worth remembering for next year:

A spray painted large pumpkin for the carriage and four
little squash pumpkins for the wheels - Cinderella would
be proud to ride in such a noble vehicle.

What a darling wreath of Kleenix ghosts!

Repurpose thrift store hard backs into ghostly reading.

Toothpicks make perfect scary teeth.

This charming idea has 'floated' around the internet for several years.
Hang vintage dresses with flashlights inside them to illuminate the
dressy ghosts.  They can be hung on a tree or from the porch.

These 'mummy globes' started out as inflated balloons
wrapped with papier-mache cloth bandages.  After hardening,
pop the balloons and insert votive candles.

Spray thrift store goblets with black paint
then fill with sand to anchor yellow votives.

Speaking of votives:

What could be simpler than pumpkins and a Sharpy?!  This
idea also saves your pumpkins for Thanksgiving pies.

Here are two more pumpkin-saving ideas:

Here's another creepy idea from Martha Stewart:
Dribble melted red candle wax onto white candles.

I love the Dollar Tree store!  For $2 you can
turn plastic spider rings into buggy ice cubes.

Save decorative bottles throughout the year,
fill with colored Kool-Aid then cork and label.

I hope you and your little goblins have a Spooktacular Halloween!


  1. Hi Jan! Thanks for the Halloween theme post today! I have seen several black pumpkins...I wondered if there was such a thing! But i see that they are sprayed. Duh. I am not so quick, am I?

    Those dresses with the lights inside are a great alternative to ghosts and ghouls. I may keep that in the back of my mind for next year!
    Have a happy Halloween!

  2. Love the pumpkin carriage and those dresses in the trees are pretty spooky! Who knew you could make dresses spooky??

  3. All great ideas. Thank you Jan!

  4. Great ideas, Jan - love those black painted goblets and the lighted dresses. Happy Halloween! xo

  5. Love your two scalliwags!! My westie's name is Fergus.