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October 3, 2013

Believe it or not, the 2014 Decorating Trends
are out and they're definitely, um, eclectic?

Sparse but elegant.  I'm surprised that black
and white striped rugs are still 'in', aren't you?

This is pretty much what my first apartment looked like
back in the day 'cause I was a poor college student:
I'm not a fan of the framed photos - they seem to be hung a little too high
but I like the coffee table with a glass top to view collections or memorabilia.   

The spot of bright yellow and turquoise and the colorful enlarged
photo break up the monochromatic look of a black and white room.

Speaking of color . . . . . .
Tye dyed meets grandma's quilt?

If stuffed isn't your thing you might like bare and uncomfortable:

Let's compromise - stiff chair with a faux fur throw:

Geometrics, again?

                 Mid-Century Modern credenzas are timeless, people, TIMELESS!

A little bland but gray is suppose to be HUGE in '14.

Seriously?  Skulls and antlers, still?

Copper is the metal du jour:
Shiny with a side eye to retro.  I like it.

I'm having a flash back to the 70's.  In a good way.

These are just a few of the eclectic looks for the coming year.
Textural is definitely the word of the day.

Textural and shiny.  Okay, two words.


  1. I love the mid-century modern look and wish I had the right home to go that way! I have noticed that copper is making a comeback - I like the warm glow of copper. Both of my son's just painted the walls in their new homes gray with white trim. It must be the new 'neutral'. I like the bright pops of color with the black and white. Hope you are having a great week, Jan. Love all the photos on your side bar. :) xo

  2. As much as I love mid century modern, The Spouse does not. I think I have to get rid of my bookcase.

  3. I am over the fake antlers. We live in hunting country, and I know too many people who have the real thing hanging around! Looks to me like anything goes...and I like that!

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