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October 29, 2013

no.  No.  NO!

Here's the 'logic' behind these free-standing sofa arms:  people
like to sit on sofa arms when they're attached to an actual sofa so
they'll like to sit on sofa arms that aren't attached to a sofa.  No.

New York artist Do-Ho Suh created lightweight sculptures of the appliances
found in his Manhattan apartment.  Full-sized replicas of his bathtub, toilet,
medicine cabinet, radiator, refrigerator, and kitchen stove, also known as
Suh's Specimen Series, will be exhibited at the Lehmann Maupin exhibitions
in Hong Kong from November , 2013, to January 25, 2014.
Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh

For those on your Christmas list who seem to have everything
I present to you the suggestion of a Neiman Marcus Falconry Kit:
Priced at $150,000 the package includes two Chatwin chairs with
canvas tote bags, a folding table, a leather perch scale, a decanter
and cigar carrying case (ask yourself, "Should I really be drinking
while working with wild animals with talons?"); a Backgammon
board, leather hoods for the birds and arm 'savers' for you, and a
dose of antibiotics.  Okay, I made up that last one.  (Model and
falcons not included.)

NMO5498 NMO5498
Neiman Marcus

Vogelhuiseje's handmade birdhouse is being marketed as "a palace
for birds and a jewel in the garden".  I call it a milk carton turned
inside out with a twisted stick in it:
The packaging is kind of cool, though.

Want to be part of a growing trend by entrepreneurs
seeking backers for their products?
Check out this Kickstarter offering - a hand cast and polished concrete
bat 'sculpture' to hang on your wall.  Or conceal under your coat
when you walk through dark alleys at night.  Or not.

Tuesday's Miss Money Pitt Update
Big interior doings on Lytle Street today - the original hardwood floors
are being sanded in preparation for the stain and sealer.  

Light fixtures were installed in the small bathroom yesterday and the new
vanity and counter top will be installed later this week.  I'm starting to
tingle as we see a move-in date at the end of the tunnel!


  1. I must be very hard to please, none of these appeal!

  2. LOL- I wonder if I can just buy the falcon? lol xo Diana

  3. $15,000 for a falcon kit and it doesn't even come with the birds? Can I order them separately?

  4. The falconry kit is hilarious - especially as presented -- thanks for sharing!