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October 2, 2013

If I were organizing a Halloween cocktail party,
dress would be vintage - black and sophisticated.

You'd have your choice of short or tea length dresses:

We Heart It

           #2                                                           #3

     #4                                                                  #5

           #6                                                   #7

              #8                                                     #9

                        #10                                         #11
1950s Vintage Black Evening Gown with Rhinestones
Unique Vintage
My waist hasn't been that size since 7th grade.  Okay, 4th grade.

We ladies would walk around with candy cigarettes in vintage cigarette
holders, waving them around dramatically to emphasize the
important things we had to say.

Is it just me or did it seem that everyone's Mom smoked back then?
My Mother tried smoking but just couldn't get the knack of it.

Daddy occasionally smoked a pipe - do you know anyone
today who smokes a pipe?

Collector's Quest
It seems he spent a lot of time cleaning the pipe and packing it with
tobacco and trying to keep it lit.  But I don't really remember that he
spent a lot of time actually smoking.  I guess it was the process that
appealed to him.

Back to the party. . . . . 

Dunline Home
We'd forgo the childish Witches Punch in favor of something
more continental - a Tom Collins or a Gimlet. 

The Vintage Village
Hors d'oeuvres would be served with vintage Spanish skewers

and little cocktail forks. 

There would be a little 1950s black cat toothpick holder.
It is Halloween, after all.

Back to the dresses - which would you choose to wear?


  1. Hello from Finland!

    My husband still smokes pipe! (But he is the only one that I know.)
    My grandmother had those little skewers, I used to play with them as a kid.

    I really love your blog, I read it at work with a coffee mug.

  2. I remember a lot of those vintage dresses. It would be hard to choose. :-)

  3. You expect me to choose only one? Each one I scrolled to was the one, lol. How elegant. I also love that cocktail set.

  4. What a great post! I love all your party ideas! I would choose #4. I am in love with that dress! My Dad smoked a pipe and just the other night my Mr. said he could swear he caught a whiff of my Dad's favorite pipe tobacco. It was apple. I have his pipe. He looked so distinguished with his Sean Connery beard and pipe. I miss him.. Hugs xoxo

  5. I would love to wear # 4 again ,now only in my imagination LOL
    I remember wearing dresses like that in the 1960's
    and honey back then there was no fast food and we all had a small waist
    I remember being 36 25 36
    I can't imagine that small of hips these days LOL
    so many girls today loves vintage dresses however just can't wear them
    I have a friend who owns a vintage clothing store and she
    has fabulous clothing TO LOOK AT LOL

  6. Hi Jan- I think my Dad might have smoked years before I was born but my Mom never did. All my older cousins and 2 of my Aunts smoked. I thought it was cool but never did it myself.
    I am going to be daring and wear that black dress with the red inset. Oh-My! xo Diana

  7. Aren't those 'frocks' something? I love them all but it's a long time since I was small enough to get into something with such a small waist, sigh. Back in the day I would probably have worn # 4.
    My dad smoked a pipe and my mother couldn't get the hang of smoking either, I still like the smell of pipe smoke, not that you experience it much these days.


  8. Invite me! Since the others (above) have claimed #4, I'll wear #11 with my pearls.

  9. Invite me! Since the others (above) have claimed #4, I'll wear #11 with my pearls.

  10. I love dresses one, two, and four! What a cute idea for a party!