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October 5, 2015

Today's Repurposeful Monday post makes so much sense:
Upcycling old clothes into new clothes!

This unusual designer gown was made from
shirt collars and is termed Junky Styling.

Design students were challenged with creating a fantasy gown
out of used clothing.  This denim gown is definitely striking.

A cape that combines a sweater and a blue jeans skirt:

A denim jacket was shortened and a
beautiful shawl was added to the hem.

A plain cardigan was dressed up with
rows of ruffles and a wide belt.

The Anthropologie inspired top, above, is a
combination of a t-shirt and a blouse.

Always look for dresses with potential at thrift shops.

Baggy dress, before:
Fashionable dress, after: 


A thrift shop house dress: 
is now an awesome outside-the-house dress:


What an amazing refashion:

This smart young lady found a beautiful
blouse at a thrift shops but it was too big: 

So she cut off the sleeves.
Problem solved!


A 99¢ bargain dress was given a new life:

So funny - a bed sheet was sewn into a bathing
suit cover-up and then tie-dyed:

If you find a top you like but it's too big,
just cut it down to your size:

Cut down a shirt into a more casual top
and add some acrylic paint artwork:

Shortening the sleeves on this sweater makes it
look like a completely different cardigan: 

A yard sale blouse and skirt:
 were combined to make a darling outfit:

 It took vision to imagine that the dress on the left
could be refashioned into the dress on the right:

A rather frumpy dress, left, was redesigned
into a much more flattering outfit, right:

Shirt-waist dress before, left;
redesigned dress after, right:

A consignment shop find was transformed
by side ruching and large buttons:


A savvy young bridesmaid redesigned
her gown into a chic cocktail dress:

Do you have a little princess who
loves to play Dress Up?
These adorable costumes were sewn
from old bridesmaids gowns.

Before heading to the mall in search of a new wardrobe,
check to see if you have outfits that can be redesigned.
Shopping your own closet makes so much $en$e!