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October 2, 2015

I had SO much fun putting today's post together!

Prepare yourself for a Before and After Decoupage Friday!

You don't decoupage?  Can you cut paper and paste it onto a surface?
Congratulations!  You're a Decoupage Expert!

Boring dresser, before:
Beautiful dresser, after:

Decoupage is a French word that describes a simple craft technique
where you cut paper, or other material, and paste it over a surface.
You can seal it with varnish or lacquer but often a medium such as
ModgePodge does the job.

Tacky end table, before:
Stylish end table, after:

Boring small round table with potential, before:
Interesting small round table, after:
A map of Europe was decoupaged to the
top of the little table.  So worldly!

This small table had damage to the top and sides:

Such a sweet table now!

This coffee table had also suffered some serious damage:

 Decoupaging the top completely covered the damage and added
some personality, too.  Here's the table in it's new home:

Isn't this little table adorable?
Before                   After

A precious tiny chair is even more precious
after receiving a decoupage makeover:



Before                     After

Thrift shops or flea markets are great venues
for finding old end tables as well as atlases:

S T O P    T H E   P R E S S E S !!!!
(Does the internet have presses?!)

Decoupage drawer knobs with cut outs
from old Christmas wrapping paper:

So, basically, you can decoupage anything.
Don't believe me?  Take a look at this:

Yup, that's a purse.
Now, it's a decoupaged purse.  Click here
for the step-by-step video tutorial.

Why go to the messy trouble of painting or
carving a pumpkin?  Decoupage it!
I love the gold spray-painted tails!

You can find a bajillion how-to-decoupage videos on YouTube.  This weekend, Get your Paste On!

Community Weekend Tip:  check your local Home Depot
and Lowe's for free Saturday craft workshops for children.
My Home Depot is hosting a Fire Safety workshop for
children with local firemen and policemen giving demonstrations.


  1. I love the decoupage pumpkins, a perfect craft for the season.

  2. This is fun to do. I've never done a pumpkin - but I might this season! Thanks, Jan.