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October 12, 2015

The topic of this Repurposeful Monday involves something we all 
use every day but rarely discuss in public - bathroom commodes.

Rather, the water tanks of commodes.

FACT:  There are almost 350,000,000 (that's
350 million!) toilets in the U.S. alone.

Imagine how many of those will be replaced
each year, the vast majority sent to a landfill.

How about turning those still-useful
tanks into something, well, useful?

Porcelain commode tanks are the perfect bases for mosaic art:


Decals can turn a commode tank into a work of art:


Communities are getting into the upcycling spirit.  A public garden
in Eugene, Oregon, made a bench from commode tank lids:
 And added an artistic twist:

"If you have cracked, chipped or broken a 1950s basin, a 1960s cistern,
a 1970s toilet, a 1980s bidet, a 1990s bath, or even a 2009 toilet seat,
we can help!"  That's the slogan for the world's largest bathroom ware
re-sellers in the world.

Brokenbog Toilet Ware Company, located in Surrey, England, offers
over 50,000 vintage restroom items such as toilet bowls, sinks, bidets,
cisterns, baths and toilet seats in authentic hard-to-find colors.   The 
company specializes in vintage, retro and discontinued bathroom ware.

If you decide to replace your commode with a newer model
donate the old one to a Habitat For Humanity Re-Store or turn
it into a work of art or planter.

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