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October 27, 2015

Today's post is short and sweet -
the same way I like my dogs!

I found this tip almost a year ago and saved it to share with you:


Here are a few no-bake snack ideas that you
can make with the kids and grandkidlets:

Pudding cups, crumbled chocolate cookie 'dirt' and Peeps ghosts - so clever!

 Here are the steps to make the Oreo Eyeballs with Gummy Lifesavers:

These are hilarious:
Gummy worm-infested flavored ice cubes!
Pick up a couple of plastic ice trays at Dollar Tree, fill with lemonade
or fruit juice, right when they're freezing insert gummy worms.
Bam!  You you look like a genius!

Halloween snacks can also be healthy:

What could be easier than mandarin orange cups and a black marker?

Cheese and pretzel witch brooms!

Deviled Eggs with black olive spiders - I love it.

I hope today's photos inspire you to make your
own special Halloween treats.  More tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous, Jan! There were so many cool ideas---I don't know which ones I should use! Luckily, I can refer back to your blog NEXT year, to use more of your wonderful ideas. I happen to know 4 boys who would really get a kick out of them!