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October 16, 2015

If we're looking at Before & After projects it must be Friday!
Thanks for popping in for a peak at some amazing transformations.

Today's topic:  Barns!

Barn before conversion:

Barn after conversion:
I want one.

The new owners of this old hog barn
decided they didn't need a hog barn:
 They needed a music studio:

Front of the barn, before:
 Back of the same barn, after:
Before                         After

Right?!  Wow.

Many people asked if this old barn could be saved:
The answer was, "Yes!"

Fairly wretched barn, before:
 Fairly awesome barn, after:

Check out this before barn in the bottom right-hand corner inset:

Stone barn before renovation:
Stone barn after renovation and addition of a wing:

 A historic round adobe barn in Ojo Caliente,
New Mexico, was almost beyond saving:
What a remarkable job:

Sad barn, before:
 Happy barn, after:

This barn renovation is enchanting:

Tumbling down barn, before:
 The same barn, after:

Unfortunately, the tree had to go when the
renovations started on this barn:
The support beams on the awning of this barn look quite flimsy:
 So much substantial now:


Before                         After

Before                 After

Before                    After

Before               After

I love the Amish quilt painted on the hay loft!

William Ingram, a stone mason, built this barn in 1834:
Over 165 years later it was sold to a couple who
lovingly renovated it into a beautiful home.

A vintage photo shows this barn in its original state:
Wasn't it preserved nicely?

Sadly, there are no before photos of these last few barn conversions
but I thought you'd enjoy seeing the afters, anyway:

I say we go barn shopping this weekend.  Are you with me?!

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  1. Wow, some amazing transformations. I would certainly love to go barn shopping with you. Thrilling enterprise.