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September 4, 2015

What better time for inspirational Before & After photos than a 3 day weekend?!

Repeat after me:
A can of paint is the most economical tool in my decorating chest.

The only difference in this small dining area is that the
wallpaper was removed and the walls were painted:

The contours of this sky light were completely lost in the white paint:
SO much nicer now.

This staircase blends into the wall behind it:
Not any more.

From blah to Ta-Da!
An accent wall can completely change
the dynamic of a room.

While it's not my cup of tea, the vibrant blue
definitely highlights the bookcase:
And kind of lessens the impact of the huge television.

Want to give an old chest of drawers a new look?
A can of paint and new hardware = new look.

One of the most expensive items in a bathroom
makeover is the vanity.  Why replace it?  Paint it!

This looks like an entirely different bathroom thanks to
the updated faucet, hardware, accent wallpaper and mirror.

New counter tops and painted walls took
20 years off the look of this kitchen: 

This lovely foyer and stair case needed some oomph:

I ADORE this color but the jury is still out on
the stenciled stairs.  What do you think?

Look how much more inviting this dining room is now:
Before                                        After
You simply can't go wrong with beige.

Being a Traditionalist through and through,
I actually prefer the 'before':
What do you think?

If you go flea marketing this weekend, keep an eye
out for Mid-Century Modern treasures with potential:

Okay, I'm a Traditionalist and a MCM fan, too.


Lots of things were replaced in this makeover but
the new wall paint added to the sophistication:

I'm sorry that I don't have a 'before'
photo of these next two rooms:

A painted wall really makes the art work pop, doesn't it? 

Which corporate conference room would be more inspiring to you?

And the Winner is:  Number 2!

Yes, this is the same apartment:
Before                 After

This family room went from post-college to Career Central:

Ordinary condo before:
 Extraordinary condo after:
 I know!

Before             After
Is it just me or does this room now look beach-worthy?

You're right - this project is a repost from awhile back:
It's simply one of the most startling transformations I've ever featured.

Prepare to be amazed by today's last makeover:

I wish the photos were bigger so you could absorb the full impact
of the magic.  The lesson here:  don't be so quick to discount an
older home.  They're truly diamonds in the rough.

Today's projects show that paint really is Personality In A Can!
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a fun and safe weekend.